From the Morning Memo:

Twice this month, Republican Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello has joined Rep. Tom Reed at press conferences criticizing the governor for allowing a portion of the Thruway that runs through Seneca Nation to fall into disrepair.

Tuesday, Borello said there have been continued complaints from constituents about the state of the road and the damage it’s caused thus far. Reed called for a federal investigation, accusing the governor of potentially misusing federal dollars meant for repairs.

However, Borrello’s Democratic opponent for New York State Senate – the 57th District left open by Cathy Young – turned the narrative on it’s head, accusing the county executive of misusing public funds.

“Borrello not only misused Chautauqua County resources today for this political stunt—he and Reed proved that this is a partisan attempt to harass the Governor,” candidate Austin Morgan said.

“If they actually cared about the Seneca Nation or our roads, they would be in Salamanca every day decrying the years of neglect there. I care about our people, I want the roads fixed, and the way to do it is bringing everyone to the table, not this politically-motivated nonsense.”

Morgan criticized Borello for not saying anything about the road in the previous two years he’s served Chautauqua County. He said the press conferences now are an inappropriate attempt to gain traction for his state Senate run.

“As your next State Senator I will put people over politics. I will meet with the Senate Transportation Chair, Sen. Tim Kennedy, the Seneca Nation of Indians, and the Governor, in order to find solutions and get the roads fixed,” Morgan said. “I will work with all parties to provide resolution and justice for our residents.”

The Democrat did agree the road is in “deplorable” condition.