Gov. Andrew Cuomo is one of the few prominent Democrats not running for president this year. But he could still have a voice next year from a major platform.

Last week, Cuomo was named vice chairman of the National Governors Association – pledging to work with Republicans and Democrats alike to find common ground.

“Never before has there been a more important time to use our collective strength as governors to show how we lead this nation forward,” Cuomo said at the bipartisan group’s gathering in Salt Lake City. “Never has there been a more important time to show the people of this country that we can still find commonality.”

And that common ground he says could focus on issues like infrastructure spending – a concern shared by chief executives from both sides of the aisle.

“The governor’s job is to deal with the here and the now,” Cuomo said. “Today, the burden falls to us, the states, to get results.”

Cuomo is now in line to be the chairman of the National Governors Association in 2020 – just in time for the presidential election. It will give him a national perch, and SUNY Albany political science professor Bruce Gyory says make him a sought-after figure for those running for president.

“That’ll be just what they want in a general election,” Gyory said. “A moderate governor from a major state who has a progressive record. That will make him an important validator for whoever is the nominee.”

First elected in 2011, Cuomo is now the longest-serving governor in the country. Cuomo’s recent legislative accomplishments like paid family leave and a climate change law, can serve as a model, Gyory said.

“Beyond seniority he has actually enacted the things more recently elected governors are trying to get through,” Gyory said.

Cuuomo has said the most qualified candidate in the hunt for the Democratic presidential nomination is former Vice President Joe Biden, but he’s yet to make an official endorsement in the race. Nick Reisman Spec News