A Vanity Fair article about Tesla’s solar operation in Buffalo has again sparked interest in an Office of the State Comptroller audit into New York State’s high tech projects.

OSC confirmed the audit which several media outlets, including WIVB and the Times Union, have previously reported is ongoing and has been for several months.

“Because the audit is underway, we cannot provide any further details on the scope of the audit or our findings so far,” spokesperson Jennifer Freeman said.
The Comptroller’s Office did not specifically name Tesla but it would appear the review would touch several Buffalo Billion projects including the state’s $750 million investment in the RiverBend technology hub where the Tesla factory is located.
Thursday, in response to the Vanity Fair piece, Erie County Legislator and County Executive candidate Lynne Dixon asked the comptroller for a full audit of the program and plans to introduce a formal resolution. She said while the audit has been “rumored,” no details have been widely released.
“Taxpayers spent $750 million on SolarCity, helping build the plant and paying for the equipment, it was one of the largest ever commitments to a single project in the history of Western New York. We were given the promise and expectation of thousands of jobs and a generational boost to our local economy. To date we haven’t seen that, and we have seen no transparency or accountability from Tesla. They deflect, they blame and they continue to partake in a level of secrecy they don’t deserve considering the commitment from taxpayers to this project.  It’s time we start to get answers about what our money was spent on,” Dixon said.
The Republican-endorsed candidate also suggested Tesla open its doors to media, which it has only done once before and with many restrictions.