From the Morning Memo:

A coalition of more than 200 organizations has formed to push a panel charged with overhauling the state’s campaign finance laws to focus on the details of any public campaign financing system.

The coalition, known as Fair Elections Now, formed as the commission created earlier this year by state lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is meeting to develop recommendations to the state’s campaign finance laws.

The commission was formed as a compromise amid a debate over public financing of elections and its recommendations will have the force of law unless lawmakers return to Albany by the end of the year and alter the changes.

The commission’s primary focus has been to set the framework and details of a public financing system for New York elections, taking on a system of high-dollar campaign donating and spending.

The coalition’s effort is organized around pressuring individual members of the commission, appointed by the governor and the legislative leaders, to adopt its preferred version of public financing.

Specifically, the coalition wants a public financing system that includes a 6-to-1 public match on small donations in primary and general elections, an independent enforcement unit and lower contribution limits.

The coalition also wants the commission to avoid the “distraction” of altering fusion voting, which allows candidates to run on multiple ballot lines. Ending or altering fusion vote presents a threat to smaller parties on either end of the political spectrum, like the Conservative and Working Families Party.

The coalition is planning a digital advocacy effort and organize supporters to attend commission meetings being held around the state before the end of the year.

“For too long the voices of marginalized New Yorkers have been muted by the influence of corporate dollars. How can we combat years of racist laws and policies when we have a donor class that is 90 percent wealthy, white, and male?” said Jawanza James Williams, the director of organizing at VOCAL-NY, one of the groups in the coalition.

“We are launching this new campaign to mobilize New Yorkers from all walks of life and all parts of the state so the Public Finance Commission feels our presence and hears our call for a strong people-powered small donor public financing program. With a Legislature no longer beholden to corporations and special interests, there will be less room in the budget for tax loopholes and more room for critical local needs like schools, housing, jobs, senior, and youth programs.”