Insurance regulators in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration on Thursday issued a guidance to insurance companies facing potential financial exposure due to legal claims made under the Child Victims Act.

The law’s passage this year opened up a floodgate of child sexual abuse lawsuits against institutions, including the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America.

The guidance, issued by the Department of Financial Services, called on insurers to act “in good faith” and promptly when it comes to the legal claims.

“We enacted the Child Victims Act so that survivors of childhood sexual abuse have a path to justice,” Cuomo said in a statement. “With this action we are helping ensure the claims process works efficiently and effectively by reminding insurers they have an obligation to move quickly so that these survivors finally get some measure of peace.”

The guidance also encouraged insurers with records to preserve them and provide them to policyholders and other people entitled to review them in connect with the lawful discovery process.

“We expect our regulated entities to exercise best practices with their prior and current policyholders, and their respective claimants, including properly performing any and all duties to defend CVA-related claims, so that survivors receive the long-overdue relief provided under the Child Victims Act,” said Financial Services Superintendent Linda Lacewell.