An impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump’s efforts to have Ukrainian officials investigate the business dealings of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son is a “constitutional obligation” that Congress should carry out, Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an interview with WAMC on Wednesday said.

“When the transcript came out today and you actually see what the president says, you’re darn right there should be an inquiry,” Cuomo said. “Forget the politics of the situation, the legal analysis of the situation, you have the president saying the attorney general and Rudy Giuliani will help you investigate my political opponent. How do you justify the use of public resources for a political purpose?”

Cuomo in the interview said Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s support on Tuesday for the impeachment drive was “prophetic” given a transcript released by the White House a day later shows Trump raised the issue with his Ukranian counterpart.

“Once you read that transcript and you know your constitutional obligation as the leader of the House, she has no choice,” he said. “You have to investigate that.”

Cuomo stopped short of saying whether Trump should be impeached, however, but added the readout of the call between the two men shows there should be a legal investigation of what happened.

“I’m prepared to say now there should be a legal investigation into the propriety and legality about what he said and did,” he said.

House Democrats, including those representing battleground districts around the country and in New York, endorsed the move toward impeachment this week. Trump has insisted he did nothing wrong, and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said at a joint news conference he did not feel pressured to investigate on the call.