From the Morning Memo:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an interview on NY1 Monday condemned President Donald Trump for failing to act on gun violence, saying it’s part of a “list of horribles” that will be “right at the top” of his legacy.

Cuomo was reacting to the latest mass shooting, this time in west Texas that killed seven people on Saturday.

“I mean this is shear madness. How many times do we have to see the same newscast before we understand it?” Cuomo said in the interview. “How many mass shootings, how many innocent people have to die before common sense will trump the president’s pure partisanship and political agenda?”

Cuomo has been a prominent voice for new gun control legislation, pointing to the state’s stringent laws that include the SAFE Act as well as measures approved earlier this year meant to restrict gun possession for those who deemed by a court to be too dangerous as well as a law requiring safe storage of firearms in homes where a minor lives.

Trump has in recent weeks raised the possibility of strengthening background checks and approving a federal-level version of the “red flag” law, but has subsequently backtracked.

In the interview, Cuomo said no gun owner’s Second Amendment rights have been violated as a result of the state’s laws.

“No Second Amendment was violated and for this president not to stand up and tell that Senate we have to act with meaningful legislation – not symbolic political statements – it’s a disgrace, it’s governmental malpractice and he’s going to live with it for the rest of his life,” he said.