The political season is shifting into another gear post Labor Day with county races at the top of the ballot this year.

Independent Erie County Executive Candidate Lynne Dixon has released her first television advertisement. The commercial portrays the current county legislator as a “different kind of leader.”

“I’m a single working mom with four kids,” Dixon said. “I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I’m an Independent who does not care about partisan politics. I only care about the right ideas and doing the right things.”

While Dixon is registered to the minor Independence Party, she is endorsed by the Erie County Republican Committee, which circulated the campaign email Tuesday. She is running against incumbent Democrat Mark Poloncarz.

“The campaign for CE offers a clear choice – an independent in Lynne Dixon who’s running to take politics out of government or a partisan bully in Mark Poloncarz who brags about being Erie County’s progressive version of Bill DeBlasio. The more voters hear from Lynne the easier that choice is for them,” campaign consultant Chris Grant said.

According to Federal Communications Commission files, the campaign spent more than $13,000 to air the ad on local broadcast networks through September 8. Dixon’s campaign said there are also additional cable and digital buys which are not yet noted in the FCC reports.

In July, the candidate reported having more than $216,000 in campaign funds available. Poloncarz had north of $637,000.

We’ve reached out to the county executive’s campaign for a statement.