From the Morning Memo:

Republican Assemblyman Colin Schmitt in a report to be released later today found New York plays a role in the crisis at the U.S. border with Mexico, pointing to legislation approved in the state he says contributes to an influx of undocumented immigration.

Schmitt visited the border last month to speak with federal immigration officers and other officials who work there. He wrote in the report that federal officials have identified New York and California as destinations for migrants in part due to “pull factors” — legislation designed to aid immigrants.

“Pull factors are relayed via social media, news media and word of mouth,” he wrote in the report.

“These actions exacerbate the border security and humanitarian crisis as the cartels use them to help surge the numbers of illegal immigrants that are crossing. Human trafficking increases in addition to easier access for drug smuggling because while the US Border Patrol holding stations are overwhelmed with surges of illegal crossings the cartels take advantage of these situations and coordinate heavy drug smuggling over the border at these times.”

New York lawmakers earlier this year approved measures meant to strengthen support for undocumented immigrants, such as allowing them to apply for driver’s licenses and apply for state tuition assistance. Schmitt’s report also points to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for affordable housing lotteries.

Supporters of the legislation say the measures are meant to aid people who are already living in the United States and have jobs in New York, enabling them to drive to work and take their kids to school.

The driver’s license measure, known as the Green Light law, takes effect in December and is being challenged by local county clerks in federal court.