A bill introduced this week by Democratic Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara would require all U.S. and New York state flags sold in the state be made in America with American labor.

Federal law requires flags purchased by the federal government be made with 50 percent of American-made materials.

“Our flag has covered the coffins of presidents, it has traveled to the moon, and for those who make the ultimate in sacrifice for our great nation, their remains are covered with the flag for which they fought for when they are given their final honors, and that flag should be made in the United States,” Santabarbara said in a statement.

Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, Massachusetts and Wisconsin have approved legislation over the years that bars their states from spending money on flags manufactured outside of the United States. Minnesota banned the sale of foreign-made American flags.

“I stand with Americans who want their flag American-made,” Santabarbara said.

It’s estimated that $3.6 million in American flags are imported to the United States; most are made in China.