California lawmakers on Tuesday put the finishing touches on a measure meant to address the so-called “gig economy” of independent contractors, mandating that many of them should be treated as full-time workers with benefits.

“I applaud the California Labor Movement and elected officials for passing AB 5, a landmark bill that will provide basic protections to app-based workers in the growing gig economy,” said AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento.

“Building on the historic success of our brothers and sisters in California, here in New York State we will not rest until app workers are afforded the same rights as other hardworking men and women, including the ability to join together to form a union.”

The measure is aimed squarely at companies like Uber and Lyft, whose drivers are considered independent contractors. Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this week said more of those workers classified as independent contractors should be considered full-time employees.

Cuomo at a news conference said he would continue to back legislation to do so.