Democrat Tracy Mitrano is officially launching another bid for New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

Mitrano formally announced her intentions Thursday night in Corning. The cyber security expert who lives in Penn Yann said she’s running again to represent all the economic classes, not just a small group of rich and powerful people.

“In their pursuit of profit they do not care about our environment, all-consuming debt, separating children from their parents at the border, polluting the beautiful resources of our planet, predatory interest rates, failing infrastructure, the farmers in this district under water, literally and figuratively, the onerous tax burden on the middle class or the working poor who can’t make ends meet,” she said.

In 2018, Mitrano won a five-way primary for the Democratic nomination. However, she lost to the incumbent Republican Tom Reed by roughly 8 points in the general election.

Reed was first elected to Congress in 2010.