From the Morning Memo:

State lawmakers on Thursday pushed for funding to be made available to help the state ensure a full count in the upcoming 2020 Census.

A letter released by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz’s office and backed by 24 lawmakers in the Assembly, urged the money be allocated soon.

The $20 million set aside for the Census in New York would aid state support efforts, including outreach efforts for community-based organizations, local governments and libraries.

The state’s Census commission concluded its hearings on the issues New York faces in the once-a-decade count in July.

“We only have one opportunity to get an accurate count, there’s no second chance,” Ortiz said.

“New York state should act quickly to fund community groups, libraries, and local government efforts to achieve a full count. The legislature included money to fund census efforts that can’t wait any longer.”

Census politics are especially key for New York, given its large immigrant population. New York officials pushed back against efforts by the federal government critics alleged were meant to under count migrant populations, such as requiring a person to check off whether they are citizens of the country.

Census data is used by the federal government to allocate funding as well as determine representation in Washington.