Greece Town Supervisor and former Monroe County Republican Party chairman Bill Reilich is the newest member of the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board.

The board was established by the International Joint Commission in 2016 to ensure outflows from the two bodies of water meet the requirements in the Plan 2014 regulatory order. In July, the IJC, which oversees all shared bodies of water between the United States and Canada, announced it would expand the membership of the board to include two local members – one from each country – that represent waterfront communities.

The town of Greece was hit particularly hard by flooding both this year and in 2017. Reilich has been an outspoken critic of Plan 2014 which he believes contributed to the floods.

“Commissioners agreed that appointment of these additional local members would be helpful to complement the existing membership of the ILOSLR board and, in particular, assist in their efforts to document the human and social impacts of recent flooding at the local and municipal levels in order to enrich the board’s discussions and decisions,” the IJC said in a press release.

The board’s appointment of a new Canadian member is “expected in the near future.” With Reilich’s addition there are currently 18 members.

The IJC has six commissioners – three from each country – including Western New Yorker Jane Corwin, who is the American chairperson.