From the Morning Memo:

Some state and federal leaders in Western New York are calling for the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo to resign amid controversy over how the church has handled accusations of sexual abuse by its clergy.

Bishop Richard Malone, during a press conference earlier this week said he has no intention of stepping down. Reporters asked Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer during a Thursday event, what he believes should happen.

Schumer, who doesn’t live in the region, admitted to not knowing all the details of the situation.

“What I’ve read about this is just terrible,” he said. “It’s awful, very disturbing. You know we always have to be mindful to do everything we can to be responsive to and protective of survivors of any form of harassment or abuse.”

Schumer himself is Jewish, not Catholic. He said his religious affiliation also makes it difficult for him to weigh in.

“I am not a member of this faith community and I’m very respectful of its separation of church and state so I’m reluctant to specifically say what this faith community should do,” he said.

However, the Democratic Leader urged the church, its lay community and its leadership to handle the issue quickly, effectively and decisively.