From the Morning Memo:

Democrat Karen Smythe over the weekend launched her second bid for a state Senate seat in the Hudson Valley held by Republican Sen. Sue Serino.

The Poughkeepsie-area Senate seat has changed hands over the decade, with Democrat Terry Gipson winning the district in a three-way race in 2012, only to be unseated by Serino in 2014. Serino held the seat in a rematch in 2016.

This time around, Smythe is running to join a Democratic majority that’s controlled the Senate for the last year, pushing through long-sought progressive legislation.

“The people of Dutchess and Putnam Counties deserve a leader who will represent their values,” Smythe said.

“They need a voice in Albany who will support more equitable school funding, women’s rights and efforts to combat climate change. Our communities need state resources, and as a member of the new Senate Majority, I will fight tirelessly to address the diverse needs of our towns and cities. During these challenging times, we need a state government that works for all of us, and I am committed to being a fighter for Dutchess and Putnam Counties.”

Her campaign has backing from Elisa Sumner, the Dutchess County Democratic chairwoman.

“Thankfully last year, the Democrats took the majority in the State Senate,” Sumner said.

“And look at all the progress we have made. Unfortunately, Karen, in a tight race, lost by a hairs-breath. We are so grateful she’s stayed engaged. We look forward to her winning this seat in 2020. She will add her strong voice to the majority and fight for the needs of our district.”