The implementation of changes to the process of evidence discovery in criminal cases will be the subject of two public hearings by the state Senate in New York City and Albany in the coming weeks.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins announced the hearings on Thursday as the changes, a key aspect of a package of criminal justice law overhaul measures, are set to take effect the end of the hearing.

“For too long, many New Yorkers were denied their rights because of our outdated criminal justice system,” she said. “The reforms passed this year are a major step forward in modernizing and creating a justice system that is fair and impartial, as it should be. I thank Senator Jamaal Bailey for taking the lead and holding hearings to ensure the speedy and effective implementation of these justice system reforms.”

The changes, part of the 2019 state budget agreement, require prosecutors and defendants to share all information in their possession ahead of trial. At the same time, lawmakers approved an end to cash bail requirements in many cases as well as speedy trial guarantees.

Locally elected officials have raised concerns with the measures over the ability to pay to implement them.

The first hearing will be held Monday in New York City. A second hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 28 in Albany.