A defunct state park named in honor of President Donald Trump should be renamed, two state lawmakers on Monday said.

Assemblywoman Nily Rozic and Sen. Brad Hoylman visited Donald J. Trump State Park to call attention to the effort to rename the park. Both lawmakers have carried legislation over the last year to rename the park, which fell into disrepair a decade ago due to state budget cuts.

“State Parks are the heart of New York, and should never be on sale to the highest bidder,” Rozic said. “In an effort to best serve New Yorkers and visitors alike, we need to recognize that the current designation is not uplifting of New York values and its current state does not provide a safe, welcoming space for all.”

The park was named for Trump after he donated to the state land he had sought to develop. Renaming the park could be a complicated legal process. Former Gov. George Pataki, who accepted the donated the land at the time, said after concluding his run for president in 2016 that he regretted Trump’s name remaining on the park.

“Having a park named after you is an honor Donald Trump doesn’t deserve,” Hoylman said. “It’s time for New York to take a stand against his racism and divisiveness by renaming this state park.”