New York AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento on Wednesday at a Senate hearing on the gig economy urged lawmakers to consider protections and benefits for those workers in what has amounted to a near-permanent freelance field.

The on-demand workforce of drivers, food delivery people and others has ballooned in recent years with the flourishing of apps for ride hailing, restaurants and home rental services.

“We now have an opportunity to enact a full, comprehensive legislative solution that considers all app-based and on demand workers as employees and provides them with the same rights and protections as all other employees, including the right to form a union,” Cilento said.

California lawmakers earlier this year approved a measure that changes the classification for many of those workers in the so-called “gig economy” who are, in essence, independent contracts. The law re-classifies many workers as full-time employees.

“These workers are currently being misclassified by their employers and as a result are deprived of minimum wage, overtime pay, unemployment insurance, paid family leave, disability, comprehensive discrimination protections and the right to form a union,” Cilento said.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo last month indicated he would be supportive of similar legislation in New York.