From the Morning Memo:

Convicted former Congressman Chris Collins will await his sentencing for federal crimes related to insider trading from the Sunshine State.

In an email to friends and acquaintances, the Western New York Republican said he is now a Florida resident and will be there for awhile “as the press settles down and moves on.” Collins pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit securities fraud and making false statements last year. The charges carry up to five years each as well as fines, although court guidelines suggest between 46 and 57 months.

He is set to be sentenced in January 2020 and is asking for character references.

“It is important for us to get letters of support from those who know me best and can attest to my character and years of service and accomplishments. I’m asking you to help in this endeavor,” Collins wrote in the email, obtained by Spectrum News this week.

He thanked everyone for their continued support and said the experience had been “mortifying” for him and his family. Collins’ son Cameron and Stephen Zarsky, the father of Cameron’s fiancé, also pleaded guilty for unloading their stocks of Australian pharmaceutical company Innate Immunotherapeutics after being tipped off by the then-Congressman about a failed clinical trial.

“I feel like I’ve let everyone down, but our decision to plead guilty is the right decision for Cameron and the family. I know I always did my best to serve the community and the nation,” Collins wrote.

“And I am proud of our many accomplishments in Erie County and in Congress. You were a critical part of our success and I know the congressional office will continue to provide exceptional service to our constituents in my absence. We will get through this.”

He also told recipients they could feel free to pass the email on to anybody who “could be helpful.”

All the letters to the judge may not necessarily be in Collins favor though as some constituents and critics suggested mounting a counter campaign Monday on social media.