State lawmakers and the good-government organization Common Cause on Friday are making a push to raise awareness of the state’s new early voting law, which is set to be in effect for the first time this month.

The measure enables voters to cast ballots nine days prior to Election Day starting Oct. 26.

“Early voting is a gamechanger for New Yorkers who no longer have to choose between getting to work on time or exercising their democratic rights,” said Common Cause Executive Director Susan Lerner.

On the legislative side, the awareness effort is being backed by Sen. Zellnor Myrie and Assemblywoman Latrice Walker.

“We like to tell our communities to get out and vote, but for years, New York put barriers between our voters and the ballot box,” Myrie said.

“Too many voters couldn’t make it to the polling place because family responsibilities or their work schedule got in the way. Not anymore. With early voting, we are empowering all New Yorkers to make their voices heard at the ballot box at the time that works for them.”

Voters wanting more information on where and when to vote can find it here.