Jasmine Gripper has been tapped to become the new executive director of the public education advocacy group Alliance for Quality Education, the organization on Wednesday announced.

Billy Easton, a longtime fixture in education policy debates in New York, will be stepping down from his current executive director role he’s held since 2005.

Gripper is the group’s legislative director.

“The future has so much in store for AQE with Jasmine Gripper at the helm, and with all the parents, educators and students that make this work possible,” said Natasha Capers, co-vice board chair of AQE & Director for the NYC Coalition for Educational Justice.

“Together we will continue to empower Black, Brown and low income families to build the schools New York’s children need and deserve. Many thanks to Billy Easton for his years of service to AQE and his commitment to the fight for educational justice.”

The group has been at the forefront of the some of the most hotly debated education issues over the last decade ranging from funding and charter school debates, often being at odds with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“With Billy Easton’s leadership, the Alliance for Quality Education has established itself as a leader in the state, bringing the voices of parents and students to the forefront to demand that every child has an excellent education no matter their race or zip code,” said Rosemary Rivera, board chair and Co-Executive Director Citizen Action of New York.

“I know that Jasmine Gripper is a visionary leader who has the ability to maintain the culture of the organization to achieve success. She is strategic and her leadership style demands high expectations not only from those who work with her, but also those with the power to create the necessary changes to meet the goals of the organization,”