Attorney General Letitia James in a court brief with fellow attorneys general on Tuesday pushed back against a rule change that would limit immigrants receiving access to the legal asylum process.

The rule would, with some exceptions, hinder the ability of immigrants entering the country at the southern border from applying for asylum protection in the United States.

“America has always stood as a beacon of hope for those seeking refuge from war and terror at home, and, under our watch, we will fight to ensure that we stay true to who we are as a nation,” James said.

“While children and families flee persecution, the Trump Administration continues to use them as pawns in their game of political chess. The message embodied by the Statue of Liberty is clear: ‘from her beacon-hand glows world-wide welcome.’ This country is open to all, not just those the president and his Administration deem acceptable.”

The brief came after 18 attorneys general from around the country, including New York, wrote a letter in August opposing the new rule.

The brief argues the rule change is in violation of federal law and would force those seeking asylum to go through an ultimately fruitless process.