The state legislative calendar for the 2020 session was released on Monday, showing state lawmakers are scheduled to be in Albany for 57 days next year.

The calendar is an unusual one this year for the tradition-bound Legislature, with the calendar front-loaded with session days in January and February in order to accommodate the June congressional and state primaries.

The session, which normally runs through the end of June, will now begin Jan. 8 and conclude on June 2.

By contrast, the Capitol, normally a sleepy place at the start of the session in the new year, will be comparatively a hive of activity, with more legislative session days planned.

State lawmakers met for 61 days in 2019.

The June primary is a first for state lawmakers after the Legislature this year approved a consolidation of both primary dates. The state and local primaries were previously held in September.

But with legislators readying to run in primaries of their own by early summer, the political and governing calendars have been scrambled.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo had previously sought to cajole lawmakers into consolidating the primary election days even further by moving the legislative and federal primaries to April 28, the day of the state’s presidential primary in order to save money and boost turnout. So far, lawmakers have not embraced the proposal.

sessioncalendar_2020 by Nick Reisman on Scribd