Democratic congressional candidate Ritchie Torres was endorsed Tuesday by The Arena PAC in the crowded primary for the 15th district House seat.

“Arena — through its Five Borough Future initiative — is proud to support Councilman Ritchie Torres for the 15th Congressional seat,” said Ravi Gupta, the former Obama administration who co-founded the group.

“We need more innovative and energetic voices in Congress. Most importantly, we need stronger voices for federal investment in public housing. Ritchie can be such a voice. And if progressives don’t begin to come together and invest in the 15th, we will likely find ourselves with a member of the NYC congressional delegation who is wildly out of step with the city and the district. That’s why we will do everything we can to help Councilman Torres to win, and we call on our friends to do the same.”

Previously supported candidates have included Democrats Alessandra Biaggi, Zellnor Myrie, Lauren Underwood and Stacey Abrams.

The PAC was also one of the main funders and strategists for the No IDC movement, which opposed the re-election of lawmakers aligned with the now defunct Independent Democratic Conference.

“The Arena’s proven track record of helping to elect young, energetic progressive candidates will inject a new force into the NY-15 race, and I’m proud to receive their endorsement,” Torres said. “We are running a modern, sophisticated campaign to prevent a Trump Republican masquerading as a Democrat from winning this seat, and with the Arena’s support we will prevail in June 2020.”