Republican former Rep. Claudia Tenney on Tuesday morning formally announced she’s running for the seat she lost a year ago to Democrat Anthony Brindisi.

Tenney’s planned comeback bid for the 22nd congressional district is not wholly surprising. The district was easily carried by President Donald Trump in 2016. And her announcement video was uploaded a day early on Monday, only to be quickly deleted soon after.

“Upstate New York deserves a representative who will fight for their values in Congress, someone who will work to deliver actual results, not resistance,” Tenney said in a statement.

“Nancy Pelosi, Anthony Brindisi and democrats in Congress are not interested in governing, they simply want to resist the President’s agenda. Anthony Brindisi’s voting record is clear, he votes with President Trump less often than even Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – that is not the voting record our district wants or deserves.”

The district is likely to be considered a key battleground for both parties given its red tinge and voting history for the president.

But it’s far from certain that Tenney will get the nomination to run against Brindisi again.

Republicans Steve Cornwell, Franlin Sager and George Phillip have already filed to run for the GOP nomination in the district.