A coalition of advocacy groups this week released a letter urging the commission determining the specifics of New York’s system of publicly financed campaigns to make public a draft report of its potential recommendations.

The final set of recommendations, which could become law unless the Legislature intervenes, is not due until Dec. 1.

But the Fair Elections for New York Campaign, a coalition that includes groups like 32BJ SEIU and the Brennan Center for Justice, argue a draft report is needed.

“As we have recommended before, releasing an interim report would ensure that experts and the public have adequate opportunity to give input before the recommendations become final,” the groups said in a letter.

“This is a critical step to avoiding a rushed process close to December that could end up looking like the “big ugly” votes we are familiar with in the Legislature, and which could result in an unworkable policy. Instead, we urge you to set an early deadline for the release of a draft policy that would allow for public comment and expert review. This will give the public greater faith in the process and facilitate the creation of stronger policy in the end.”

Last week, the state’s leading good-government organizations called for a draft report to be released as well.