A year and a half ago, the Working Families Party backed the re-election of Rep. Joe Crowley, then a top Democrat in Congress and considered a speaker-in-waiting.

But things have a way of changing in politics.

The WFP made an early endorsement this time around for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who shocked the political world last year when she defeated Crowley in a Democratic primary.

Now Ocasio-Cortez faces a primary challenge of her own from Democratic Councilman Fernando Cabrera. And the WFP is fundraising off that challenge.

“We can’t let attacks like this go unanswered. No one has fought harder for working families in the Bronx and Queens than Alexandria. Whether it’s Medicare for All or the Green New Deal, her progressive agenda puts ordinary people first, and is overwhelmingly popular as a result,” the party said in a fundraising email. “That’s why we were so proud to announce AOC as one of our first 2020 endorsements. And it’s why we need to come together and have her back now.”

An email last year urged small-dollar donations, meant to be a split contribution that would “help ensure that we have the powerful coalition necessary to take on any challenger to AOC, no matter how deeply-connected or well-funded they are.”

Ocasio-Cortez is a national figure and has, at the moment, outraised the Republicans who have lined up to run against her.

And this time around, the WFP is in her corner, the group said.

“Anyone challenging Alexandria in the Democratic primary will have a steep climb to make, and the Working Families Party will have her back every step of the way,” the email stated. “We know you will too.”