Attorney General Tish James says she’s confident her office will be successful in defending New York State’s new Green Light law.

Erie, Niagara and Rensselaer counties have all brought similar challenges to the law which grants driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Litigation for the Erie County case is already underway.

Earlier this month, a federal judge heard oral arguments in Buffalo.

“Given the fact that there are 12 states plus the District of Columbia that have similar laws and because we are a sovereign state and we have responsibility over the safety of our laws and the rules of the road, we believe we will be victorious in the end,” James said.

Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns argued the law puts him in a situation in which he either faces the threat of federal prosecution for harboring “illegal immigrants” or the governor removing him from office if he chooses not to process the licenses. Kearns has been clear, regardless of the outcome of this case, he will not follow the Green Light law.

James, in Buffalo for an unrelated press conference, seemed unimpressed.

“I’ve read his papers and I cannot sympathize with his position and I look forward to having that case dismissed,” James said.

The judge said she planned to issue a decision around mid-November. She could rule on whether to throw out the case as the AG’s office has asked and whether to grant an injunction, halting implementation of the law until it’s fully litigated. The law is supposed to go into effect next month.