This all has a bit of a pro-wrestling like taste to it, but here it is nevertheless: Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump have reignited their war of words in recent days after the president formally announced he would become a Florida resident.

Tuesday saw the latest eruption by Trump on his preferred form of mass communication, Twitter, after Cuomo said last week “good riddance” to the president and suggested he was leaving the state to limit his legal exposure in a suit over disclosing his taxes.

Trump tweeted that it is “So sad to see what is happening in New York where Governor Cuomo & Mayor DeBlasio are letting out 900 Criminals, some hardened & bad, onto the sidewalks of our rapidly declining, because of them, city. The Radical Left Dems are killing our cities. NYPD Commissioner is resigning!”

Cuomo, in response, said it took some chutzpah for Trump to call New York “our” city when he has moved to Florida.

“The move was an obvious legal tactic to convince a judge not to grant the Manhattan District Attorney’s motion to force production of Trump’s tax returns as Trump could claim he was no longer a New York resident,” Cuomo said in a statement. “His trick failed when a judge ruled yesterday that his New York taxes must be released. The President’s tweet admits the truth when his stated reason for leaving New York was ‘overzealous prosecutors.’ The President clearly believes the justice system can be politically manipulated – maybe his justice system can be, however the New York State justice system cannot be.

Cuomo pointed out the bail law changes are “essentially the same bail reform law New Jersey passed several years ago under Republican Governor Chris Christie, his Transition Director.”