Attorney General Letitia James is backing an effort that is meant to bar the deportation of Liberian immigrants in the United States who benefit from the Deferred Enforced Departure program.

The coalition, composed of 14 states, filed an amicus brief in support of African Communities Together v. Trump, a lawsuit filed after President Donald Trump’s administration sought to phase out the program.

The program or temporary protected status grants Liberians the ability to remain in the U.S. and the program itself has been in effect since 2007.

Many Liberian immigrants have lived in the United States for decades after fleeing the country during a civil war in 1989.

“Liberian immigrants are essential to the economic and cultural make-up of New York and this nation,” James said.

“Each individual and each family deserves a pathway to citizenship for the country they view as their home, instead of being forced to move to an unfamiliar, unsafe place. I am proud to join this coalition to push back against the Trump Administration’s attempts to terminate the lawful immigration status of long-term residents who came to America seeking safety and protection.”