The decision to rollback energy efficiency standards for light bulbs is not a bright idea, according to a new lawsuit filed on Monday by a coalition led by attorneys general in New York and California.

The coalition, which also includes New York City, is suing over the decision, arguing it would unlawfully hinder the adoption of energy efficiency benchmarks, as well as undermine state and local energy policies while hiking costs for consumers and the environment.

The suit is being led by New York Attorney General Letitia James and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

“The Trump Administration’s not-so-bright idea to rollback light bulb energy efficiency standards is an obvious attempt to line the pockets of energy executives while simultaneously increasing pollution and raising energy bills for consumers,” James said.

“The United States cannot and will not be the exception to the international movement to phase out the inefficient, unnecessary, and costly use of incandescent bulbs. My office will continue to work with our partner states and municipalities to reverse this action, save New Yorkers money on electricity bills, and cut climate change emissions by reducing the coal and gas burned in power plants.”

The regulations at the heart of the legal challenge are meant to address what plaintiffs say are less stringent standards for light bulbs, a move that had been set in motion by President Barack Obama’s administration.

The suit argues the rollback of the Obama-era regulations are in violation of environmental law and the Administrative Procedure Act.