New York will provide design and engineering support for Puerto Rico to build a power system meant to bolster the island’s electric grid following the damage cause by Hurricane Mario, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday said.

The announcement by Cuomo came at the annual SOMOS conference in Puerto Rico.

“New York will not leave our fellow Americans behind and will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with Puerto Rico on the path to recovery until the job is done,” Cuomo said. “The state-of-the-art technology and training expertise we are providing today will help the island rebuild stronger and make it more resilient in the face of future storms so that our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico don’t have to relive the nightmare of Hurricane Maria going forward.”

At the same time, the New York Power Authority will work with Puerto Rican officials to ensure the Culebra power plant can provide electric service for Culebra and Vieques should the island systems be disrupted.

And the power authority will work to update the Humacao Industrial District, which was damaged during the storm.

“Since day one after Hurricane Maria, under Governor Cuomo’s direction, NYPA has been on the ground assisting Puerto Rico with restoring its electric system and hardening it for future potential storms,” said New York Power Authority President Gil Quiniones.

“Puerto Rico is particularly vulnerable to devastating tropical storms and we at NYPA are honored to bring New York State’s utility expertise to the islands to help them harden their systems and provide affordable and renewable energy to residents and visitors on these beautiful islands.”