Allison Fine, a former national board chairwoman for NARAL Pro-Choice America, announced her bid for the Democratic nomination in the 17th congressional district.

Fine, the founder of the Network of Elected Women who has written about technology for social impact, is running for the seat being vacated next year by retiring Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey.

“I want to lead us into the next chapter for our country; one that is prosperous and fair,” she said.

“Our democracy and economy need fixing. We need to create something new and better. The work of rebuilding our country begins right here at home. And this is my home. I know the issues people in our community face because I face them too. My husband and I pay for our own insurance and have no pensions. We work to put our kids through college, take care of our aging parents, and pay our taxes and bills. This is what keeps me up at night—and I know I’m not alone.”

Fine said she wants to build on the work Lowey has done for the suburban New York City district.

“Every century, Americans remake our democracy,” she said. “This is that time again. It’s time for new voices, especially in Congress where women are greatly underrepresented.”

Former Justice Department official Mondaire Jones, Sen. David Carluccci and Assemblyman David Buchwald previously announced their campaigns.