The nine members of the Commission are set to present their report to State Leaders on Wednesday, November 27. Ahead of a previously planned Monday meeting, some changes have already taken shape to what had previously been discussed.

The new draft calls for contributions to the Governor be capped at $16,000. The previous number being considered was a $25,000 cap, but the lower figure is seen as more workable. Either is better than the current cap which is close to $70,000.

As for matching funds for individual Senate and Assembly candidates, the in-district only match will likely be adopted. However, only small donations of $250 or less will receive public funds. This amplified in-district match is expected to offset any deficiency from not allowing matches on contributions from all over New York State.

The Commissioners also agree that the vote threshold for gaining ballot access should be raised for third parties. Right now, it’s 50,000 votes every four years. The change is expected to take that up to 150,000 or 100,000 every two years. Either would likely result in the extinction of the Working Families Party as a viable third party with a consistent ballot line in New York State.

One outstanding issue left to be resolved is whether a candidate’s campaign warchest can be rolled over. That is still under debate.

Final vote on all of these adjustments is expected as soon as Monday.