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Moral Mondays

The first Moral Monday of the year was held yesterday. It’s an event where religous leaders and advocates meet in Albany to push what they call ‘moral’ issues. Yesterday’s focus was on raising the minimum wage for tipped workers. Sara Niccoli from the Labor Religion Coalition joined us to discuss.

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Full Show – 1.2.15

Friday night, we remembered former Governor Mario Cuomo. We spoke to former Gov. George Pataki, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, Assemblyman Dick Gottfried, former State Budget Dir. Pat Bulgaro and our Reporter Roundtable, Bill Carey and Marc Humbert.

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Reporter Roundtable

Mario Cuomo was governor of New York for three terms. Two reporters who covered his time on the second floor were Time Warner Cable News’ Bill Carey and former AP reporter Marc Humbert. Carey and Humbert joined our Reporter Roundtable to talk about their experiences covering Mario.

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Remembering Mario Cuomo: George Pataki

Former Governor Mario Cuomo inspired many people, including other New York governors. Former Governor George Pataki did unseat him, but Pataki has fond memories of the elder Cuomo. Pataki joined us to weigh in on Mario Cuomo as a state leader.

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Remembering Mario Cuomo: Richard Gottfried

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried has been a member of the state legislature since Mario Cuomo was on the second floor, and even before that. Assemblyman Gottfried joined us to talk about his experiences with the senior Cuomo.

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Remembering Mario Cuomo: Stephanie Miner

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner worked for former Governor Mario Cuomo in the early 1990s. Miner joined us to share her memories of Mario as a leader and his interest in Central New York.

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Remembering Mario Cuomo: Patrick Bulgaro

Patrick Bulgaro was the State Budget Director under the Mario Cuomo administration. Bulgaro later became a member of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics. He joined us to talk about his time working for Mario Cuomo.

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Cuomo Kicks Off Second Term In Buffalo

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave two inaugural speeches on New Years Day, one in New York City and the other in the city of Buffalo. Erie County Democratic Committee chair Jeremy Zellner joined us to talk about the importance of Cuomo’s address in the Queen City.

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Year In Review Reporter Roundtable

The members of our Reporter Roundtable sat down to discuss the top stories of 2014. From elections to education issues, Liz Benjamin, Nick Reisman, Susan Arbetter, Ken Lovett and Jimmy Vielkind break it all down while also predicting what’s to come in 2015.

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Full Show – 12.18.14

After this week’s casino and fracking announcements, we talk to local leaders and lawmakers about the decisions. Plus, Governor Cuomo’s planning an overhaul of the state’s education system. We have a full report and analysis from a panel of advocates.

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