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AGC’s Elmendorf on New Campaign to Reform the Scaffold Law

Opponents of the Scaffold Law are teaming up on a new ad campaign that they says demonstrates what the statute is costing New York.

The Scaffold Law relates to liability for accidents on construction sites. Get New York Building and the Alliance for Minority and Women Construction Business say it drives up insurances costs, making it harder for contractors to stay afloat.

That includes New York City’s School Construction Alliance, which expects to see an extra $450 million worth of insurance costs over the next three years.

Mike Elmendorf, president of the Associated General Contractors of New York State, explains the latest developments.

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DiNapoli, Appelbaum and Sullivan Recap Bangladesh Trip

It’s that time of year when many of us are caught up in our holiday shopping lists – racing around to buy products, often without a thought of where those products come from.

One country where some our merchandise originates is Bangladesh. Several months ago, a deadly factory collapse in that country killed over a thousand people and injured many more.

Recently, a delegation of government, labor, and religious leaders from New York traveled to Bangladesh, where they discussed working conditions with officials and met with survivors of the tragedy.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, RWDSU president Stuart Appelbaum, and Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, the executive director of Catholic Charities for the New York Archdiocese, explain why they went and what they believe the visit accomplished.

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FPI’s Floss Discusses New Job

There’s a new man in charge at the Fiscal Policy Institute. The organization’s board of directors announced Thursday that Fred Floss has been tapped to serve as executive director.

Floss comes from Buffalo State College, where he’s been a professor of economics and finances. He replaces Frank Mauro, who led FPI for the past 20 years. Floss discusses what’s ahead for the institute.

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Rep. Gibson Discusses Budget Deal

Over the past two weeks, we saw a rare bipartisan budget agreement in Washington, DC pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The compromise did what many argue any good compromise should do, leaving both sides only half satisfied. Rep. Chris Gibson shares his thoughts on the final deal.

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NY2A’s Palmateer Previews Upcoming Forums

And finally tonight, the deadline for a key provision of the SAFE Act is less than four months away. Gun owners have to register so-called assault weapons by April 15th. But one group fighting for the repeal of the SAFE Act does not want to see this initiative succeed. And so NY2A is holding a series of forums for gun owners to explain their options. Organizer Jake Palmateer explains some of the choices.

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Empire Justice Center Looks at Mortgages and Public Assistance

The Empire Justice Center is out with a new report called “Don’t Lien on Me” which reveals hidden costs for those who own homes and receive public assistance.
The group cites a law on the books which allows Social Services to take a mortgage against a recipient’s property in order to recover that recipient’s assistance money. Kristin Brown Lilley, the Vice President for Policy and Government for the Justice Center, attorney Susan Antos, and Laurie Schaible, who dealt firsthand with this issue, explain the problem.

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NYCOM’s Baynes on 2014 Agenda

Looking ahead to 2014, the New York Conference of Mayors have laid out their legislative agenda. The number one priority is increasing funding for municipalities. Also on the list is pension reform. And it doesn’t stop there. NYCOM executive director Peter Baynes discusses the requests from local government leaders.

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Sen. Peralta on Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

Several years after it first caused controversy across the state, the idea of drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants is back. And this time around, it’s a group of state lawmakers backing the idea- with some support on the Congressional level. State Senator Jose Peralta has been leading the effort, and he explains what’s changed since 2007.

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ESPA’s Schaefer on Child-Parent Security Act

New York State has some of the most restrictive surrogacy laws on the books. That’s according to the Empire State Pride Agenda, which is advocating for the passage of the Child-Parent Security Act. This legislation is intended to more clearly define who a child’s parents are, especially in cases such as in-vitro fertilization.
ESPA’s executive director, Nathan Schaefer, explains.

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The Insiders

Ed Draves and John McArdle discuss conflicting 2014 agendas, and whether the legislature will end up cutting taxes next year.

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