NY-21: Stefanik Releases Digital Ad

The re-election campaign of Rep. Elise Stefanik on Thursday released a digital ad highlighting George Conway’s tweet calling her “trash” and urging people to donate to Democratic candidate Tedra Cobb.

The tweet from Conway, a pundit and the husband of White House advisor Kellyanne Conway, led to a $1 million flood of donations in the past weekend for Cobb’s campaign.

The digital ad comes as Stefanik has played an increasingly prominent role in the public impeaching inquiry hearings in Washington as a staunch defender of President Donald Trump and as Cobb has launched her second bid for Congress this week.

The ad seeks to frame Cobb’s support from elite liberals. It’s an argument that seems designed to counteract Cobb’s own framing of Stefanik as a Washington insider.

Rebuild NY Now Launches New Infrastructure Campaign

A coalition of construction and business groups this week launched a renewed effort to push for infrastructure investments in New York, including an ad campaign highlighting the potential job creation and environmental and health hazards that need to be fixed.

“New York has critical infrastructure needs and it is no surprise that it has one of the worst rankings in structurally deficient bridges and roads,” said Mike Elmendorf, President and CEO of Rebuild New York Now.

“Our communities suffer and the social injustice continues as some of the most decaying infrastructure is concentrated in low-income areas. Investing in infrastructure projects right here in Buffalo and the rest of Western New York is the right thing to do to tackle safety and health hazards that impede New Yorkers from a higher quality of life.”

The effort launched in Buffalo, with officials pointing to the need to fix streets in the city’s downtown, even as major investments like a medical campus and housing have been made within the last decade.

The campaign pointed to studies that have shown that $1 billion of infrastructure development can led to the creation of the more than 28,000 jobs.

“In every corner of New York State, roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure are in desperate need for attention and repair,” said Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes. “I commend the Rebuild NY Now coalition for raising awareness about the immediate needs of the state’s infrastructure and helping to put people to work, reconnect communities, and ensure the safety and well-being of all New Yorkers.

Gillibrand Launches $1M Ad Campaign

The presidential campaign of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Friday announced a $1 million TV ad campaign to begin in Iowa and New Hampshire this weekend.

The ad comes as Gillibrand is pushing to move up in the crowded Democratic presidential primary field’s polls and qualify for the stage at the next presidential debate in September.

“My promise to the American people is that I will restore compassion, courage and humanity to the White House,” Gillibrand said in a statement.

“Despite what we feel today, it’s not impossible to have affordable health care for all, to protect our environment, to keep our kids safe and to root out the corrupting influence of money in our politics. As our campaign gains momentum, I’m excited to share my message with Iowa caucus-goers and New Hampshire voters.”

The ad is largely light on specifics and does not mention President Donald Trump, while largely focusing on broad themes.

“Imagine an America where harmony displaces hate,” the ad’s narrator says. “That protects our planet, provides healthcare for everyone. An America where public places are safe spaces. Where morality overrides money. Power restored to the people.”

Hotel Trades Council To Air de Blasio-Boosting Ad

The Hotel Trades Council on Wednesday released a TV spot to air during the presidential debate this evening touting Mayor Bill de Blasio’s candidacy.

The ad leans heavily on the mayor’s tenure in New York City, including full-day pre-Kindergarten as well as his push for health care and affordable housing.

The spot is being released by one of the state’s most politically influential labor unions, which continues to have key issues facing it, such as halting the spread of online rental companies like Airbnb.

De Blasio will be taking part in the first night’s debate airing on MSNBC.

Labor Unions, Business Groups Back Bill Reforming Hospital Billing

Legislation that would change how patients are billed for out-of-network hospital visits is being backed by a coalition that includes prominent labor groups and business organizations like the Business Council.

The coalition is launching a TV ad campaign this week to push for the legislation, which would empower an independent arbitrator to review hospital billing, a process the state has in place already for emergency room doctor bills.

The bill is backed by more than 40 groups, including Consumer Reports, the United Federation of Teachers, the New York State United Teachers union, the Business Council and the Civil Service Employees Association.

The ads will air in Albany, Westchester and Long Island on cable and broadcast TV.

NYSUT Pushes For School Safety, Due Process Bills

The New York State United Teachers union on Thursday announced the launch of a campaign aimed at promoting a package of bills meant to strengthen safety for school workers as well as bolster due process for employees.

The bills include measures that would install cameras on school buses, require an attendant be posted on all school buses transporting kids in grades kindergarten through 6th, require school districts identify and curtail potential workplace violence and have all permanent school employees receive the right of a due-process hearing

The cameras-on-buses bill was granted final approval by the state Senate on Wednesday and now goes to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk.

“From our bus drivers to our food service employees to our teaching assistants, School-Related Professionals are the backbone of New York’s public schools,” NYSUT President Andy Pallotta said. “Addressing the safety, health and labor issues our SRPs face is an essential part of improving New York’s public education system — because a positive working environment is a positive learning environment for our children.”

The union is launching a website to promote the measures as well as a digital ad campaign in the coming weeks.

Lasak Releases TV Ad In Queens DA Race

Democratic candidate for Queens district attorney Greg Lasak on Thursday released his first TV that highlights his efforts to help exonerate the innocent.

The ad highlights the story of Lamar Palmer, who credits the creation of the “Wrong Man Unit” by Lasak for helping clear his name.

“He was in charge of what was known as the ‘Wrong Man Unit.’ And it’s because of the good fight that I was able to walk out a free man,” he says in the ad. “All the doors were closing and one door opened up. And that was Gregory Lasak. I had a chance at life, to be honest with you. I’m eternally grateful.”

Lasak is competing in a crowded Democratic primary in June for the Democratic nomination. Longtime District Attorney Richard Brown died earlier this month and had planned to retire later this year.

NY State Laborer’s Ad Seeks To Boost NESE

A TV ad backed the New York State Laborers to begin airing this month seeks to to boost the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project ahead of a coming moratorium on new natural gas hookups by utilities in the New York City area.

The ad will air in New York City and across Long Island on both TV and digital platforms.

The spot, part of the Always On NY campaign, comes as National Grid and Con Edison have announced a moratorium on new natural gas hookups. The proposed Northeast Supply and Enhancement Project would expand and upgrade national gas transmission infrastructure.

The threat of a moratorium is real and concerning as it will prevent residents from accessing affordable, reliable energy and prevent development and economic growth across the region,” said Vincent Albanese, the director of policy and public affairs at the Laborer’s organizing fund.

“Through this campaign, we hope to educate New Yorkers about the dire impact of the moratorium and why the NESE project is absolutely critical to New York. NESE will reduce our dependence on dirty oil, providing homes and business access to natural gas, and act as a bridge to New York’s renewable energy future”

Erin’s Law Supporters Release TV And Radio Ads

Supporters of a bill that would require sex abuse education in schools on Wednesday announced TV and radio ads as part of a push to have the measure approved.

The bill, known as Erin’s Law, would mandate schools teach children about sexual abuse by those familiar to them — either family members, friends or otherwise trusted adults.

The commercials were released by the Fighting for Children PAC, which had previously sought the passage of a measure that makes it easier for survivors of childhoods sexual abuse to file lawsuits. That bill, the Child Victims Act, passed earlier this year.

“Our new legislators, including our overwhelming majority in the Senate, and our hugely supportive Assembly Members and our Assembly Education Committee, where more than one third of the members of the committee sponsor our bill, will do what’s right and pass this bill to protect New York’s kids,” said PAC founder Gary Greenberg, a victim of childhood sexual abuse and a businessman from Greene County.

Tax Cap Coalition Launches Digital Push

From the Morning Memo:

The coalition of regional business groups on Tuesday will launch a digital ad campaign to push for the permanent extension of the state’s cap on property tax increases.

The digital ad buy, which the groups called a “robust” purchase, comes as Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called for the permanent extension provision included in a final budget agreement.

The digital campaign is scheduled to run from this week through April 1, the end of the state budget season.

The coalition is composed of the Long Island Association’s Kevin Law, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce president and former lieutenant governor Bob Duffy, and the New York Business Council President Heather Briccetti as well as the Business Council of Westchester’s Marsha Gordon.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo’s property tax cap has saved New Yorkers $25 billion since 2012,” the groups said in a joint statement.

“Now is the time to make it permanent. According to a recent Siena poll, a broad majority of New York voters support the Governor’s vision for a permanent cap, but we need action now. We urge state legislators to support the permanent property tax cap in order to keep New York economically competitive and affordable,” said leaders of the property tax cap coalition.”

Cuomo has opposed making changes to the cap, such as no longer linking it to the rate of inflation or making it easier to override.

The Democratic-led state Senate has approved a permanent extension measure as a standalone bill; the Democratic-controlled Assembly is yet to follow suit.

#SupportTheCap from Tax Cap Coalition on Vimeo.