NY-22: House Leadership-Aligned Super PAC Releases New Ad

The super PAC aligned with the House Republican leadership on Tuesday released another ad in the 22nd congressional race, knocking Democratic challenger Anthony Brindisi as a “reliable rubber stamp” for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“For years, New York taxpayers have suffered from Anthony Brindisi’s record of raising taxes on Utica and liberal spending while he’s served as a rubber stamp for Governor Cuomo and disgraced Sheldon Silver’s liberal policies,” said Michael Byerly, a spokesman for the Congressional Leadership Fund. “In Congress, Brindisi would rubber stamp Nancy Pelosi’s extreme agenda of higher taxes and increased spending. Taxpayers in New York’s 22nd district simply can’t afford Anthony Brindisi in Congress.”

The ad will air in the Binghamton and Utica media markets.

The ad comes a day after President Donald Trump held a fundraiser for Tenney in Utica, with tickets to the event running as high as $15,000.

Eve Releases First Campaign Ads

Democratic attorney general candidate Leecia Eve on Thursday released her first TV ads of her campaign, both of them highlighting her legal challenge to the requirement that imprisoned women give birth while shackled.

“As a young lawyer, I took on a prison system so no woman had to give birth shackled to a bed,” Eve says in the ad while holding a pair of manacles. “Now I’m running for Attorney General to stand up to Donald Trump’s assault on our rights.”

Eve is a former aide to Hillary Clinton and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. She’s running in a competitive four-way field for the Democratic nomination for attorney general, facing New York City Public Advocate Letitia James, Zephyr Teachout and Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

The winner of the Sept. 13 primary faces Republican nominee Keith Wofford.

The seat is open this year following the resignation of Democrat Eric Schneiderman in May amid domestic abuse allegations. Attorney General Barbara Underwood, appointed by the Legislature to complete his term, is not running.

“Over the last several weeks I have traveled across New York speaking directly to voters about the critical role the Attorney General’s office plays in their lives. Now more than ever, New Yorkers need a steady hand and a strong voice to protect, defend and empower them against Donald Trump and the attacks on our basic human rights,” Eve said in a statement.

“I look forward to continuing to bring my message to every corner of the state, and to helping New York be a leader in demanding justice that is rooted in our tradition as the most progressive state in the nation.”

In Ad, Maloney Pledges To Defend New York ‘With A Baseball Bat’

Democratic candidate for attorney general Sean Patrick Maloney on Tuesday released a 30-second TV spot that highlights both his family and his willingness to push back against the policies of President Donald Trump’s administration.

In the ad, Maloney posits a “Straw Dogs” like scenario as an allegory for pushing back if elected attorney general.

“I feel like there’s a group of men who have shown up with Donald Trump in the front yard and they’re getting ready to tear this house apart,” Maloney says in the ad. “And I’m going to stand in the hallway with a baseball bat, because I don’t have a choice. My kids are upstairs asleep.”

The ad also spotlights Maloney’s family, but central to virtually every campaign in the attorney general race has been opposition to Trump and pledges to blunt their impact in New York.

Maloney faces a four-way primary with New York City Public Advocate Tish James, Leecia Eve and Zephyr Teachout.

The ad comes as Maloney is planning 30 town halls over the next month ahead of the Sept. 13 Democratic primary.

NY-21: Stefanik Campaign Releases Digital Ad

Rep. Elise Stefanik’s re-election campaign on Tuesday released a digital ad criticizing her opponent, Democrat Tedra Cobb.

In the ad, Stefanik’s campaign highlights Cobb, while being secretly recorded, backing a ban on some firearms, but telling a group of supporters she could not take that position publicly.

“Then when Taxin’ Tedra was secretly caught supporting banning guns, she confessed that admitting that in public would destroy her campaign,” the ad says.

“If we can’t trust Tedra Cobb the candidate, how can we ever trust her in Congress?”

Stefanik is seeking a third term to the sprawling 21st congressional district in the state’s North Country.

Nixon And Williams Call On Hochul To Pull Ad

Cynthia Nixon and her running mate in a joint statement on Monday called on Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul to pull “an offensive, deceptive ad” that criticizes Williams over his personal finances.

“Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul should be ashamed of this ad and should take it down immediately,” they said in the statement.

“It’s incredibly offensive to say that someone is unqualified for public office because their small business shuttered, or because they are going through a foreclosure. We expect this sort of dog-whistling and poor-shaming from Republicans— not Democrats.”

Nixon and Williams are escalating their own attacks on the attack ad that was released on Friday, which takes Williams to task for a foreclosed property, a debt from a failed business and money owed in back taxes.

Williams has insisted he has no more debts.

At the same time, both Nixon and Williams have sought to flip the script as it were on the ad, highlighting the criticism of someone who struggles financially underscores their main argument in the campaign.

“If anything, we need more elected officials who know what it’s like to struggle, who can empathize with the challenges that New Yorkers are facing every day,” Nixon and Williams said in the statement.

That’s why as the daughter of a single mom and the son of immigrants, we are running to take on corporate Democrats like Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul. The Governor and his running mate have always put their Wall Street donors first, and this ad is merely the latest example of just how out of touch they’ve become.”

Cuomo Digital Ad Touts Support From Women

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign on Thursday released a digital ad touting his support from women as he seeks a third term.

The ad features highlights from a Brooklyn Women for Cuomo event last weekend, pointing to his efforts to fight sexual assault on college campuses, harassment in the workplace and bolstering businesses owned by women and people of color.

The ad features Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul and the governor’s endorsed candidate for attorney general, New York City Public Advocate Letitia James.

“We’re going to bring a level of change to this state and make it a model against what President Trump is doing,” Cuomo says in the ad.

Cuomo faces actress and education advocate Cynthia Nixon in a Democratic primary on Sept. 13.

Public polling has shown Cuomo retains a majority of support from women, both Democrats and general election voters.

But Cuomo has come under criticism for remarks about sexual harassment, telling a woman reporter in December that a question about it did a “disservice to women” because it was too narrowly focused. Cuomo also raised eyebrows when he joked at the Brooklyn women event that “usually it is worse” to be a room of women.

Brindisi Seeks To Fact Check Tenney Ad With An Ad Of His Own

An ad released this week by Rep. Claudia Tenney’s re-election campaign is being disputed by her Democratic opponent, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi.

Brindisi is releasing an ad of his own, noting that he does not want to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, wants to bolster border security, is opposed to making New York a sanctuary state and won’t back Rep. Nancy Pelosi for another term as the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives.

For now, it’s not clear who else would be in line to succeed Pelosi as the Democratic leader in the House.

“Claudia Tenney pulled her last attack ad off the air because voters weren’t buying it. Instead of working to fix our broken immigration system with bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform, Claudia Tenney is lying about Anthony’s record to divide Upstate New Yorkers,” said Ellen Foster, Brindisi’s campaign manager. “It won’t work. We’ll continue to set the record straight and run a campaign free from the corporate influence that pays for Tenney’s ads.”

Updated: The Tenney campaign responded to the ad, saying their spot had not been pulled but had completed its run.

“Anthony Brindisi thinks pounding the table and feigning outrage can save him. It won’t. Brindisi’s entire campaign is built upon lies and he will be exposed. Brindisi is a corrupt Albany liberal who’s taken $14,000 from Nancy Pelosi because he will support her extreme agenda just like he supported corrupt Speaker Silver’s agenda over 90% and voted for Silver for Speaker even after Silver used taxpayer money to silence victims of sexual harassment.”

Molinaro’s First TV Ad Stars His Mom

The first TV ad from Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro gives a starring role to his mother Dona.

The ad, called “Thanks, Mom” serves a biographical sketch of the Dutchess County executive who was raised by a single parent.

“My mother was everything to me as a boy; she was one of my heroes, and still is,” Molinaro said. “She doesn’t think herself remarkable – but she is. Every day I find myself even more grateful to her. As voters get to know me, I thought it important that they see where I came from. This ad, I hope, is a breath of fresh air; it’s honest and authentic and explains who made me who I am: my mom.”

Tenney’s TV Ad Goes On Attack Against Brindisi Over Immigration

A TV ad being released this week by the campaign of Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney attacks her Democratic opponent Anthony Brindisi on immigration.

The ad links Brindisi to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the push to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and claims he sought to give “taxpayer benefits” to undocumented immigrants.

The ad itself features images of people scaling walls and gang members.

Brindisi has said he would not support Pelosi’s re-election as leader of the House Democrats nor has he embraced a call to abolish ICE. It’s not clear what the ad is referencing with taxpayer benefits for undocumented people, but it may allude to Brindisi’s votes in favor of the DREAM Act, which would provide state tuition assistance to undocumented immigrants.

“After voting to give taxpayer benefits to illegal immigrants, it’s clear that Anthony Brindisi would further his biggest donor Nancy Pelosi’s agenda on illegal immigration and work with Washington liberals to abolish the ICE,” said Claudia Tenney campaign manager Raychel Renna. “Brindisi has a record in Albany of putting illegal immigrants before our veterans and we can’t trust him to secure our borders.”

Tenney is running for a second term in the 22nd congressional district, which runs from the Mohawk Valley to the Southern Tier region in what is expected to be one of a handful of competitive races this election year.

In First Ads, Brindisi Touts Independence, Says He Won’t Back Pelosi

Democratic congressional candidate Anthony Brindisi on Friday released the first two TV ads of his campaign touting both his independence and efforts to bring jobs to the Mohawk Valley region.

In one of the ads, Brindisi re-affirms his pledge to not support Rep. Nancy Pelosi for another term as the Democratic leader. In another, Brindisi’s children get a starring role, who say that he worked with both Democrats and Republicans for job-creation efforts.

The ads touch on some basic themes: Jobs for upstate New York in the 22nd congressional district and a distancing by Brindisi from Albany, where he has served as a state Assembly member.

“I’ve never been afraid to take on my own party when I think they’re wrong and I reach across the aisle to bring Democrats and Republicans together to actually get things done,” Brindisi says. “I think it’s time for new leadership on both sides of the aisle in Washington and that’s why I won’t support Nancy Pelosi.”

Brindisi is running against first-term Republican Claudia Tenney in the 22nd congressional district, which stretches from the Mohawk Valley to the Southern Tier region.

The race is considered one of several battleground House districts in upstate New York.