NY-18: Stefanik Endorses Farley

Rep. Elise Stefanik on Friday endorsed Republican congressional candidate Chele Chiavacci Farley for the nomination in a Hudson Valley House district.

Farley is running for the seat held by Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who was re-elected last year to a third term in what has been in prior election cycles a closely watched battleground district.

“Chele Farley brings intelligence, energy, and determination to her race for Congress. Her real-world business experience will be an asset in Congress as she fights to protect tax dollars for hardworking families, fully fund our military, take care of our military families, and address the state’s crumbling infrastructure,” Stefanik said. “I have made it my top priority to help elect more Republican women to Congress and I’m proud to endorse Chele. I know she will serve the people of the Hudson Valley well.”

Stefanik was first elected as the youngest woman to a North Country House seat in 2014. Farley last year ran against U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

“I am honored to have the backing of Elise Stefanik in this race. Elise is a leader for our state and the Republican Party in Congress,” Farley said. “I look forward to working with her to win and serving with her to fight back against the wave of socialism that has taken over Washington.”

NY-18: Farley Raises $200,000 Following Announcement

Republican congressional candidate Chele Farley’s campaign on Monday reported raising more than $200,000 in the days since she declared her plans to run for the Hudson Valley seat.

Farley’s fundraising total does not include personal donations or loans, her campaign said.

“I am very pleased with the response I have received on my Congressional campaign. It is clear that voters are concerned with Sean Patrick Maloney’s embrace of socialist policies like the Green New Deal,” said Farley. “People have strongly responded by pledging over $200,000 to the campaign in the first week.” This total does not include any donations or loans from the candidate.

Farley is running for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic incumbent Sean Patrick Maloney in a district has been a battleground seat in previous election cycles.

Maloney won a fourth term last year. His campaign reported raising $217,000 in the first quarter and has $137,000 in cash on hand.

NY-18: Pataki Fundraises For O’Donnell

Republican former Gov. George Pataki on Tuesday released a fundraising email on behalf of GOP congressional candidate James O’Donnell, who is running for the House seat held by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

In the email, Pataki referenced Maloney’s parallel bid for the Democratic nomination for attorney general. Maloney plans to drop his re-election campaign for Congress should he win the AG nomination.

“New York is shaping up to be a battleground for control of the U.S. House and we have one of the nation’s only pickup opportunities in the 18th congressional district,” Pataki wrote in the email. “This has always been a competitive seat and President Trump won the district in 2016. But now, incumbent Sean Maloney’s decision to run for Attorney General and Congress at the same time has outraged voters and forced him to adopt far-left positions to cater to the New York City liberals who will decide the Democratic primary.”

O’Donnell is a county legislator in Orange County and is a retired lieutenant colonel for the State Police.

“Jimmy has always followed his call to serve, and now we need him in Congress more than ever,” Pataki wrote. “He’s in it for the right reasons–to help people and do his part leaving the world in a better place. He doesn’t get bogged down in the political nonsense and partisan hysteria that is crippling our government. He calls it like he sees it and works to deliver results.”

NY-18: League Of Conservation Voters Endorses Maloney

With oil barges traversing the Hudson River a key issue emerging in the 18th congressional district race, the League of Conversation Voters Action Fund on Friday endorse Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s re-election bid.

“I’m running for re-election to ensure – no matter the zip code – folks in the Hudson Valley have clean drinking water and a safe environment to open a business or raise a family,” said Maloney in a statement.

“I’m proud to have the endorsement of leading environmental groups like the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund because of my extensive record fighting for safe drinking water, leading the effort to clean up pollution in the Hudson River, and preventing environmental catastrophe by making oil train cars safer and keeping oil barges off the Hudson.”

With its endorsement, the group pointed to Maloney’s support for dredging PCB-laden muck from the Hudson River, cleaning up a superfund site in Hopewell Junction and the ongoing efforts surrounding Newburgh’s water contamination.

“Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney has proven himself to be an effective fighter in Congress for the Hudson Valley’s families, economy and environment,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski. “He’s seen first-hand the threats climate change poses to communities, knows clean energy solutions will grow the local economy, and has helped to increase the national spotlight around local water contamination issues and protecting the Hudson River.”

Maloney faces Republican Phil Oliva next month. First elected in 2012, Maloney is seeking a third in Congress.

Maloney Hits the Airwaves in NY-18

Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is out today with the first TV ad of his re-election campaign – a feel-good spot that features footage of the fit Hudson Valley congressman jogging through his district and interacting with various constituents.

The ad, which goes up today and is part of a “six-figure buy,” according to Maloney’s campaign, makes no mention of his political affiliation or any specific issues.

That stands to reason, given the fact that the district – NY-18 – is closely divided and has changed hands between the major parties several times over the past few election cycles.

Though Maloney has made no secret of the fact that he’s a partisan Democrat (not to mention a big supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, having worked for her husband in the White House), he also often stresses his support from Republicans and his willingness to work across the aisle to get things done.

Maloney is being challenged this cycle by first-time candidate Phil Oliva, a Republican who has worked for a variety of elected officials – including, most recently, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino – but has never before run for office himself.

Oliva appeared on CapTon last night. He questioned Maloney’s claims of bipartisanship and dedication to the district by noting that he has made repeated trips outside the state to campaign on Hillary Clinton’s behalf and also has called her one of his heroes, praising her as both competent and trustworthy.

The NY-18 race is not among those considered hotly competitive in New York this year, though Oliva insists that it’s closer than conventional wisdom allows.

He noted the unusually broad lead enjoyed by freshman Republican Rep. John Katko in NY-24, another closely divided district, according to this week’s exclusive TWC News/Siena poll, and said his internal polling, (which he has not released in full), indicates he’s performing a lot better against Maloney than observers believe.

Here’s the script for Maloney’s ad, which he narrates himself:

“People always ask me why I run.”

“Well it starts with my fight for safe drinking water, and making the schools we send our kids to work better, and college more affordable for working families, and the veterans I’m fighting for to help them pay for college and get good jobs, and fighting the heroin epidemic.”

“It’s about keeping the Hudson Valley working, creating good jobs right here.”

“I’m Sean Patrick Maloney and I approve this message, because what I’m running for…is you.”

NY-18: NFIB Endorses Oliva

Republican congressional candidate Phil Oliva on Wednesday was endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business in his bid for the 18th congressional district.

“Phil Oliva would be a strong voice for small business owners in Congress,” said NFIB National Political Director Sharon Sussin. “He knows that we need strong small businesses if we want to have a strong economy and good jobs. In the House, he would work to reduce the burden of regulations and high taxes.”

Oliva, a former advisor to Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, is running for the Hudson Valley House district held by Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. The seat has been a battleground district over the last several election cycles, with Maloney holding the seat in 2014 in a rematch against former Rep. Nan Hayworth.

“I’m proud to receive NFIB’s endorsement. I will be a champion in congress for our small businesses and entrepreneurs and help them lead us back to economic vitality,” said Oliva in a statement.

“As a small business owner myself, I certainly know the many burdens placed on small businesses by our government and I will work to reduce as many of these unnecessary regulations and mandates as possible so that Main Street can thrive and create the good jobs we need.”

NY-18: Oliva Deletes Tweet Critical Of Obama After Dallas

Republican congressional candidate Phil Oliva in the wake of the Dallas police shooting criticized President Obama on Twitter earlier Friday for having “sowed these seeds of racial division.”

The tweet led to a back and forth between Oliva, a first-time candidate for office who won a Republican primary last month for the 18th congressional district, and the man he hopes to unseat this fall.

“Obama sowed these seeds of racial division starting in ’08 for political gain,” he posted. “Now the country is reaping a nightmare. #Dallas.”

The post, screen grabbed by his Democratic incumbent opponent Sean Patrick Maloney, was deleted.

Maloney, a two-term lawmaker who represents a battleground Hudson Valley congressional district, blasted Oliva’s remarks.

“As dad of interracial family am deeply offended by @phil_oliva blaming @POTUS 4 #Dallas,” Maloney wrote in a post. “Racist & needs explanation”

Oliva responded on Twitter to Maloney acknowledging the statement was a wrong one to make.

“Today not the day for pointing fingers. It was wrong. Took down tweet. Today is day for prayer for families affected & our nation,” he wrote.

Maloney in a follow-up tweet wrote back: “Not just timing @phil_oliva – you said #Dallas is Obama’s fault. Disturbing 1st instinct to stoke racism not honor victims/call for unity”

In a statement sent to Capital Tonight and State of Politics, Oliva reiterated that Obama “shares in the blame” for ongoing racial division during his presidency. But at the same time, he said the tweet was deleted because it’s time to “heal as a nation” following the deaths of the five police officers in Dallas.

And he knocked Maloney for the ongoing controversy surrounding a fired campaign “tracker” who was caught outside the Oliva family home.

Here’s the full statement:

“Like millions of Americans I hoped for the ‘post-racial’ society that President Obama promised in 2008. Sadly, today we have so much racial division, and I believe the President, as the leader of our nation, shares in the blame for that. But today is a day for mourning the murdered police officers, not a time to point fingers; that’s why I removed the tweet. We need to heal as a nation. I’m more than happy to debate this issue with Sean Patrick Maloney and other issues, including his continued failure to turn over the voyeur tapes that his now fired ‘tracker’ may have taken of my wife and children. It’s been nearly three weeks since he promised to hand over the tapes to my wife and I and we still have yet to receive them. So instead of hiding behind trackers and tweets, I hope Sean will agree to a series of public debates.”

Congressional Fundraising Roundup

With New York’s presidential primary behind us, we’re now looking forward to this year’s Congressional primary in June.

We’re watching eight different races from Long Island to the Finger Lakes that are either competitive this year or have been in past election cycles.

The most recent fundraising deadline was at the end of March, and filings started trickling in late last week. We have compiled the latest numbers so you don’t have to, including how much each candidate has raised overall this election cycle and how much they raised in the first quarter of this year. We have also included how much cash each candidate has on hand as of the latest filing.

Candidates are listed below in order from most-money-raised to least. Remember to click the ‘Read More’ button for the full list.

You can find more on each of these races in our Race for Congress section.

3rd Congressional District

Steve Stern (D)
Total Raised: $500,633
Total Raised First Quarter: $500,633
Cash on Hand: $444,530

Tom Suozzi (D)
Total Raised: $451,306
Total Raised First Quarter: $451,306
Cash on Hand: $374,345

Anna Kaplan (D)
Total Raised: $445,160
Total Raised First Quarter:  $445,160
Cash on Hand: $344,659

Jack Martins (R)
Total Raised: $283,598
Total Raised First Quarter: $283,598
Cash on Hand: $242,223

Jon Kaiman (D)
Total Raised: $242,379
Total Raised First Quarter: $242,379
Cash on Hand: $189,305

Philip Pidot (R)
Total Raised: $106,796
Total Raised First Quarter: $106,796
Cash on Hand: $83,696

Chad Lupinacci (R)
Total Raised: $27,720
Total Raised First Quarter: $27,720
Cash on Hand: $25,262

Jonathan Clarke (D), Dan Serota (R), and Robert Trotta (R) have not submitted a filing for the first quarter.

More >

Oliva To Fundraise With Albany Lawmakers

Republican congressional candidate Phil Oliva will hold a fundraiser on Tuesday in Albany with a trio of GOP state lawmakers, according to an invitation.

Tickets for the event, to be held at the Fort Orange Club, range from $250 to $2,700.

Joining the fundraiser for Oliva are Sens. Kathy Marchione and George Amedore and Assemblyman Jim Tedisco.

Oliva is a former aide to Gov. George Pataki and Rep. John Sweeney before joining Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s office.

He’s seeking the GOP nomination for the seat held by Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney in the Hudson Valley in the 18th congressional district.

3 29 16 – Invitation – Oliva Reception (1) by Nick Reisman

NY-18: Hayworth Endorses Oliva

Former Rep. Nan Hayworth on Thursday endorsed one of the Republicans vying to put her old seat back into the GOP column.

Hayworth gave her nod to Republican Phil Oliva in the 18th congressional district, which she represented for a single term from 2011 through 2013.

Hayworth was unseated in 2012 by Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who defeated her in rematch for the Hudson Valley district in 2014.

“Phil Oliva has the right ideas to get our country back on track-and he’ll fight tirelessly and effectively for every single citizen in the Hudson Valley,” said Hayworth. “Phil will provide a compelling contrast to the self-serving, cynical crony politics of Sean Maloney. He will be a true voice of the people and I’ll be doing all I can to help him win.”

Oliva is a top aide to Republican Westchester County executive Rob Astorino, the 2014 GOP nominee for governor, who lost to incumbent Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

Oliva is also the president of the consulting firm Gipper Communications.