UPDATED: NY-19: Bishop Ends Campaign for Congress

Republican Bob Bishop is dropping out of the Race for the 19th Congressional District, his campaign confirmed Tuesday.

He will withdraw his candidacy ahead of the federal primary in June, and says he will instead back John Faso for the seat.

“John Faso has shown us that he has what it takes to best represent our interests,” Bishop said in a statement. “Not only does John have the endorsement of four parties critical to winning in November, he also possess the skills and passion needed to win this race. It is time for all Republicans and Conservatives to unite behind John Faso in order to continue Congressman Gibson’s strong legacy while making sure this seat does not fall into the hands of a radical liberal like Zephyr Teachout.”

UPDATE: Faso thanked Bishop for his endorsement after the announcement Tuesday.

“I am very grateful for Bob Bishop’s support in this race, and I salute all the hard work he’s done over the past several months to voice important local economic and agricultural concerns that we share,” Faso said. “Bob’s endorsement is a meaningful one, and I look forward to his friendship and counsel both as a candidate and as a member of Congress. “

Bishop had come under scrutiny from his now-former primary opponent Andrew Heaney in recent weeks over ballot signatures. Heaney and Bishop were scheduled to appear in court to resolve the litigation this Friday.  Heaney’s campaign issues a statement later Tuesday responding to Bishop’s departure.

“Now voters will have a clear choice between John Faso, a 30 year lawyer-lobbyist and failed Albany politician versus Andrew Heaney a political outsider and conservative small businessman who wants to change the corrupt culture in Washington, DC.,” Heaney said.

Bishop’s decision narrows the Republican field in the 19th Congressional District to two candidates ahead of the primary – Faso and Heaney. Former Gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout will compete against Livingston Deputy Town Supervisor Will Yandik on the Democratic side.

The primary will be held June 28.

NY-19: Bishop and Heaney Heading to Court Over Signatures

Representatives from the campaigns of both Bob Bishop and Andrew Heaney will appear in Poughkeepsie court next Friday to resolve a dispute over ballot signatures from the Bishop campaign, a source knowledgeable of the situation confirmed.

The Heaney campaign has filed litigation over the signatures, alleging they are fraudulent. Ahead of that court date, the Bishop campaign says they will try to validate as many of their signatures as possible.

The Bishop campaign confirmed Thursday that they have hired an attorney ahead of the court date. They say they were given notice of the litigation last week.

“We are confident that this effort by Mr. Heaney’s insider consultants and his high paid lawyers will fail just as it did at the Board of Elections,” the Bishop campaign said in a statement.

Heaney’s campaign had previously appealed to the Board of Elections to invalidate Bishop’s signatures, but that appeal was thrown out.

Bishop collected 1,900 signatures for the ballot ahead of the deadline last month, with more than 1,300 declared valid by the Board of Elections. If the court rules in favor of the Heaney campaign, Bishop will not appear on the ballot, bringing the Republican primary in the 19th Congressional District down to two candidates.

NY-19: Kudlow Backs Faso

The congressional campaign of Republican John Faso is receiving a boost from Larry Kudlow, the former Wall Street banker-turned-CNBC host who is respected economist and pundit within GOP circles.

The Faso campaign has released a fundraising email signed by Kudlow, which tout’s Faso’s bonafides as a budget hawk and fiscal watchdog.

“John Faso will champion tax reforms to let Americans keep more of what they earn. He will also vote to change counterproductive business tax rules to bring trillions of U.S. dollars and millions of jobs back to this country. That will help guarantee America’s position as the world center of capital and investment for years to come,” Kudlow wrote in the email. “He won’t forget the Main Street economy either: John supports cutting taxes and regulations that adversely impact small business employment.”

Republicans for the last several years have sought to recruit Kudlow himself into running for office, first as a potential U.S. Senate candidate in New York and, most recently, Connecticut.

Still, he remains an in-demand speaker for Republican functions and earlier this year endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Faso, a former Assembly minority leader, is running for the Hudson Valley congressional district that is being vacated by Rep. Chris Gibson. He faces a three-way primary next month against businessman Andrew Heaney and Robert Bishop.

NY-19: Heaney, Endorsing Trump, Urges Unity

Republican congressional candidate Andrew Heaney formally endorsed presumptive president nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday and urged New Yorkers to unify around his candidacy.

Heaney, who faces a three-way contest for the Republican nomination in next month’s congressional primary, had previously announced he had voted for Trump in New York’s April 19 presidential primary.

At the same time, Heaney knocked his chief rival for the nomination, John Faso, saying that should Trump have followed through with his plan to run for governor in 2014, lobbyists in Albany would have been dealt a blow.

“Imagine Albany today if Donald Trump was Governor. John Faso and his lobbyist buddies would be on the sidelines, powerless, instead of selling out the voters for pipelines or big pharma profits,” Heaney said in a statement.

“People are fed up with Washington – a place where good ideas and better ideals go to die at the hands of lobbyists, monied interests and the career politicians who poll test everything down to which side of bed to get out of in the morning,” he added.

Rep. Chris Gibson, the man Heaney hopes to replace in Congress, has been critical of Trump, saying he would have concerns with the controversial mogul in charge of the nation’s military. Gibson in a Capital Tonight interview on Monday said he wrote in Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan in the presidential primary.

Trump on Tuesday coasted to a victory in the Indiana primary and, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz dropping his bid, was declared the “presumptive” nominee of the party by RNC Chairman Reince Preibus.

Trump last month handily won the New York primary, winning nearly every county save for Manhattan, which backed Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who remains in the race.

NY-19: Faso And Heaney Agree To Debate

Two of the Republicans running in the 19th congressional district on Tuesday agreed to a series of debates ahead of the June primary.

The day began with Heaney calling on Faso, a former Assembly minority leader who likely enjoys higher name recognition with voters in the district given that he was once an elected official, to hold six debates ahead of the primary.

“As the turnout for the Presidential primary showed, voters are energized and want to hear directly from the candidates about how they will finally change the culture of corruption and back scratching that permeates Washington,” Heaney said in a statement.

Not missing a beat, Faso agreed in a statement released by his campaign 20 minutes later.

At the same time, Faso’s campaign called for the third GOP candidate in the race, Bob Bishop, to be included. Heaeny’s campaign allies have sought to challenge Bishop’s ballot position.

“John Faso accepts,” said Faso spokesman Bill O’Reilly. “He’s happy to inform voters about Andrew Heaney’s history of donating to President Obama, and we suspect that Mr. Bishop may want to talk about Mr. Heaney’s ongoing attempts to disenfranchise him.”

The 19th congressional district is being vacated this year by Republican Rep. Chris Gibson, who announced Monday he would not run for governor in 2018 and instead take a job at Williams College.

Teachout: $418K Raised In April

Democratic congressional candidate Zephyr Teachout, even before April, was raising a staggering amount of money.

But in the last month alone, her campaign says she’s raised $418,000 — a large haul for an upstate House race.

“This month we set an almost impossible to reach $400,000 April goal,” the fundraising email sent to supporters on Saturday says. “Yesterday, we hit our goal! That’s right — we’ve raised $418,000 in April.”

The email calls for more donors to send them $25,000 before midnight.

Teachout has proven her campaign to be something of a fundraising behemoth, leading the 76 congressional candidates in New York who filed financial reports with the Federal Elections Commission so far this year. Between the reporting period of January through March, Teachout received $530,732 in contributions.

Most of those donations to the campaign have come in the form of small dollar amounts.

Teachout is running for the Democratic nomination in the 19th congressional district against Will Yandik.

On the Republican side, three candidates are vying for the GOP line: former Assembly Minority Leader John Faso, businessman Andrew Heaney and Bob Bishop.

The district is being vacated this year by Republican Rep. Chris Gibson, who is considering a run for governor in 2018.

The Hudson Valley House seat is accustomed to attention and well-financed campaigns, having been a battleground district since 2012.

NY-19: Faso And Heaney Added To NRCC’s Young Guns Program

Two of the Republican candidates running for the GOP nomination in the 19th congressional district have been added to the National Republican Campaign Committee’s “Young Guns” program.

The NRCC added John Faso and Andrew Heaney to the list, which recognizes GOP challengers for hitting certain campaign-related benchmarks such as fundraising ability as well as communicating within the district.

“While our Republican majority continues to work hard to move our country forward, we know there is still more to be done,” said NRCC Chairman Greg Walden. “These 11 candidates have proven themselves to be exemplary leaders in their communities and they are exactly the kind of leaders we need in Washington. I am confident these candidates will continue to run strong campaigns as they spread the message and values of the Republican party across the country.”

Both Heaney and Faso, along with Bob Bishop, are in a three-way race for the nomination in the Hudson Valley district, which is being vacated by Republican Rep. Chris Gibson at the end of the year. Gibson is considering a run for governor in 2018.

On the Democratic side, Will Yandik and Zephyr Teachout are competing for the party’s nomination.

The 19th district has become a battleground seat in recent election cycles following the 2012 round of redistricting.

Congressional Fundraising Roundup

With New York’s presidential primary behind us, we’re now looking forward to this year’s Congressional primary in June.

We’re watching eight different races from Long Island to the Finger Lakes that are either competitive this year or have been in past election cycles.

The most recent fundraising deadline was at the end of March, and filings started trickling in late last week. We have compiled the latest numbers so you don’t have to, including how much each candidate has raised overall this election cycle and how much they raised in the first quarter of this year. We have also included how much cash each candidate has on hand as of the latest filing.

Candidates are listed below in order from most-money-raised to least. Remember to click the ‘Read More’ button for the full list.

You can find more on each of these races in our Race for Congress section.

3rd Congressional District

Steve Stern (D)
Total Raised: $500,633
Total Raised First Quarter: $500,633
Cash on Hand: $444,530

Tom Suozzi (D)
Total Raised: $451,306
Total Raised First Quarter: $451,306
Cash on Hand: $374,345

Anna Kaplan (D)
Total Raised: $445,160
Total Raised First Quarter:  $445,160
Cash on Hand: $344,659

Jack Martins (R)
Total Raised: $283,598
Total Raised First Quarter: $283,598
Cash on Hand: $242,223

Jon Kaiman (D)
Total Raised: $242,379
Total Raised First Quarter: $242,379
Cash on Hand: $189,305

Philip Pidot (R)
Total Raised: $106,796
Total Raised First Quarter: $106,796
Cash on Hand: $83,696

Chad Lupinacci (R)
Total Raised: $27,720
Total Raised First Quarter: $27,720
Cash on Hand: $25,262

Jonathan Clarke (D), Dan Serota (R), and Robert Trotta (R) have not submitted a filing for the first quarter.

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NY-19: Bishop Protests Petition Challenges (Updated)

Republican congressional candidate Bob Bishop on Tuesday is criticizing his rivals for the GOP nomination in the 19th district, saying they are unfairly challenging his petitions for the ballot.

“Andrew Heaney and John Faso are using the same tactics that political insiders have used for years to try and disenfranchise every day Americans,” Bishop said. “Our campaign attracted volunteers from all corners of the district to help a true outsider get on the ballot in order to give voters a real choice in June. John Faso and Andrew Heaney are scared of my candidacy and will do anything to stop it.”

Updated — A spokesman for Faso campaign says the candidate has nothing to do with the petition challenges against Bishop.

Bishop in a statement compared the effort to question his petitions to the Republican establishment’s national unease with Donald Trump’s campaign.

“These political games are exactly what voters are coming out in droves today to stop. My opponents are doing the exact same thing the Republican establishment is attempting to do to Donald Trump – trampling on the people’s voice in favor of their own interests,” Bishop said. “Andrew Heaney and John Faso have repeatedly said that this election should be decided by the voters but it’s clear they will simply say whatever they need to get elected – just like we’ve come to expect from wealthy insiders and career politicians.

The 19th district in the Hudson Valley is being vacated by Rep. Chris Gibson, a Republican who is considering a run for governor in 2018.

The district has been considered a battleground for Democrats and Republicans nationally, with Gibson fending off challenges to the seat during re-elections bid in 2012 and 2014.

NY-19: Faso Has $619K In Cash On Hand

Republican congressional candidate John Faso’s campaign has $619,102 in cash after raising more than $1 million since entering the race last year.

Faso’s campaign raised $220,442 in the most recent filing. He received $644 donations that range from $1 to the federal maximum of $2,700.

Faso is among several Republican candidates vying for the GOP line in a June 28 primary, including Bob Bishop and businessman Andrew Heaney.

“I’m grateful that so many residents of the 19th Congressional District have shown their support for my candidacy,” said Faso, a former Assembly minority leader. “Throughout my travels in the 11 counties, people are telling me that the status quo isn’t good enough; they’re frustrated and want change. Together we will reform Washington, improve the economy by helping small businesses expand, and repair the damage that has been done during the past eight years under President Obama.”

Faso is vying for the seat held by Rep. Chris Gibson, a Republican in the Hudson Valley’s 19th congressional district who is retiring at the end of the year as he considers a run for governor.