NY-22: Babinec’s Education Platform Would End Common Core

Congressional candidate Martin Babinec on Tuesday released an eight-point education platform that includes ending the controversial Common Core education standards.

Babinec, running as an independent in a three-way general election race for the 22nd congressional district, also wants to ensure educational focuses on trade and digital sectors, strengthen funding for Title I, expand educational opportunities for rural students and expand basic research on education.

“In Congress, I will work in a bipartisan manner with all who seek to improve our system and focus on the real needs of our children and the realities of the communities they live in,” Babinec said in a statement.

New York state officials are moving toward an alternative to the Common Core standards, which have com under fire from parents and teachers in part due to an over reliance on testing in the classroom.

Several states have sought to pull out of the Common Core standards, which are developed on the state level but have been identified with an overall push by the federal government to enhance standards in the classroom.

“Top down, one size fits all policies from the federal government have done enough damage, and also get in the way of our own local innovations like advancing high impact opportunities such as digital curriculum and preparation for career paths not requiring college,” Babinec said.

Babinec is running for the congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Richard Hanna in race that includes Republican Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney and Democrat Kim Myers. The district includes central New York and the Southern Tier regions of the state.

NY-22: EMILY’s List Endorses Myers

A group that supports pro-choice Democratic candidates on Monday endorsed Kim Myers for the 22nd congressional district.

Myers received the nod from EMILY’s List, which cites her work on the Broom County Legislature, the school board in Vestal and as a small business owner.

“Kim Myers has spent her life working for women and families in Broome County,” said Stephanie Schriock, the president of EMILY’s List.

“Kim’s 18 years serving on the Vestal school board and her experience as a small business owner demonstrate her commitment to her community. She understands the importance of ending gender discrimination in pay, investing in highway and rail projects for economic development in rural areas, and protecting women’s access to health care. The EMILY’s List community is proud to support her historic bid for Congress as the first woman to represent this vital swing district.”

Myers is running for an open House seat that stretches from the Mohawk Valley to the Southern Tier that is being vacated by Republican Rep. Richard Hanna.

Myers faces Republican Claudia Tenney and independent candidate Martin Babinec.

NY-22: Tenney Endorsed By NFIB

Republican congressional candidate Claudia Tenney on Monday was endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business in her bid for the 22nd House district in central New York.

“As the owner of a small manufacturing facility that employs nearly 70 people in the 22nd district, it is an honor to be endorsed by NFIB— the leading advocate for small business owners across the country,” Tenney said.

Tenney, a member of the Assembly, is running in a three-way race to succeed retiring Rep. Richard Hanna, a Republican. She faces Democrat Kim Myers and independent candidate Martin Babinec.

But she is also a small business owner herself, having run the Mid-York Press, a pharmaceutical packaging firm founded by her grandfather in 1946.

“While running my family’s business, I experienced firsthand the hardships that failed liberal policies have created for our communities,” Tenney said. “I first sought election to the Assembly in 2010 on a pro-small business platform calling for smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation.”

“Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney is a small business owner and NFIB member who knows what Congress needs to do to grow the economy and create jobs,” said NFIB National Political Director Sharon Sussin. “In the U.S. House, she would fight against excessive regulations and high taxes. Her fellow small business owners need her voice and expertise in Washington.”

Hanna: Rejecting Trump ‘The Right Thing To Do’

Rep. Richard Hanna said his decision to cross party lines and become the first Republican House member to announce he will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump “wasn’t fun,” but was “easy” and the “right thing to do.”

The NY-22 Republican, who hails from the Utica area and is not seeking re-election this fall, called on his fellow Republicans to join him in rejecting the party’s presidential nominee, whom he called “unqualified and a danger to this country.”

“You see it daily,” Hanna said today during an interview with TWC News. “It’s not just what he did last week or the week before that, it’s a constant stream of events and attitudes and ideas that he has, and his demeanor, and the way that he controls or doesn’t control himself that tells me that he’s completely unfit.”

“So, the question becomes well what do you do about that? Well, we have choices. And I think that anybody who sits out this election is making a mistake.”

“If you care about the future, it’s clear to me that Trump should not be supported,” the congressman continued. “He doesn’t represent much other than his own personal interest. He seems to be extremely narcissistic and the list is endless. I think this is a time for people to reflect and be a good American. You don’t have to be a good party member to be a good American. Being a good American is the most important thing all the time, but particularly right now.”

Hanna said he has been “pretty beat up” since announcing his intention to vote for Clinton yesterday in an OpEd he penned for the Syracuse Post-Standard, but insisted he’s “OK with that.”

The congressman, who is one of the few remaining moderate Republicans in the New York delegation, (the other, Rep. Chris Gibson, is retiring at the end of this year, too), said that voting for Trump would be a “huge, monumental mistake.” Asked what he likes about Clinton, Hanna replied:

“She has experience, and she certainly knows the issues, which is clear. If you looked at her resume, you know, some of the things that Trump has said about Russia and Crimea is just completely off the wall. That’s not what we need. So experience does matter. And I also agree with her on a few issues that are personal to me: LGBT rights, women’s health care, the environment. Those things are important. And

“I think that sure it’s easy to find complaints. A lot of people have, and I don’t dismiss that. But again, we have to make a choice, and I do not want to have this job and not have stood up for what I believe when I had an opportunity to do it…I think the man has given enough people enough reason to reject him and I think more people should do it publicly.”

Hanna was challenged in the last election cycle by Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, an outspoken conservative and Trump supporter, who came within six percentage points of ousting him despite the fact that she launched her campaign late and was considerably underfunded.

Tenney announced her intention to challenge Hanna again this year – before the congressman opted not to seek re-election. She won a three-way primary for the GOP line, and will face off in the November general election against Democrat Kim Myers, the daughter of the founder of Dick’s Clothing and Sporting Goods and a Broome County legislator from Vestal.

NY-22: Babinec Files Petitions For Ballot Line

Martin Babinec, a businessman who is launching an independent bid for a central New York congressional seat, has filed more than 10,000 signatures with the Board of Elections in order to form the Upstate Jobs Party ballot line, his campaign on Monday announced.

“We’ve experienced a groundswell of support from voters across the district who are tired of the same old phony promises from both parties about creating jobs – they want a real plan and real action,” said Babinec in a statement.

To gain access to the ballot with a newly formed line, Babinec’s campaign needed to submit 3,500 signatures from a registered voter who has previously not signed a petition for a congressional candidate. All told, Babinec’s campaign submitted nearly three times that amount, 10,122.

Republican Claudia Tenney and Democrat Kim Myers are also vying for the seat that is being vacated by Republican Rep. Richard Hanna this year.

Babinec’s campaign, meanwhile, is trying to stake out an independent streak in the congressional race.

“The system is rigged against outsiders like me who seek to make a difference. From the arcane rules, to the steep ballot requirements and a quasi-professional underfunded electoral machinery controlled by the two-parties, for the two parties – it is nearly impossible for concerned citizens to run for office, said Babinec.

NY-22: Babinec Says He Has Enough Signatures For Ballot

Martin Babinec, a businessman running as an independent for the open 22nd congressional district in central New York, announced on Tuesday he had collected the required number of signatures to gain access for his Upstate Jobs Party this November.

Babinec is running for the district being vacated by Rep. Richard Hanna, a moderate Republican first elected in 2010, who leaves office this year.

His presence is an added factor in the race that includes the two major party candidates, Democrat Kim Myers and Republican Claudia Tenney.

“The Upstate Jobs Party has been met with incredible enthusiasm from voters of all walks of life throughout the district and I’m proud to announce we have already surpassed the signature threshold necessary – but we need more,” Babinec said in a statement.

State election law requires a minimum of 3,500 signatures from any registered voter within the congressional district hasn’t already signed a petition in order to qualify for the ballot.

The general rule of thumb is to file more than twice that number in order to withstand any legal challenges to the signatures.

“By signing our petition, voters are sending a strong message to the career politicians and the special interests who want to keep a rigged system in place that the days of broken promises and taxpayer giveaways are coming to an end,” Babinec said.

NY-22: American Conservative Union Endorses Phillips

The American Conservative Union on Tuesday endorsed Republican George Phillips’s bid in the 22nd congressional district in central New York.

Phillips is vying for the Republican nomination in the 22nd against GOP Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, who is making a second run for the district being vacated by Rep. Richard Hanna.

“George Phillips has a long history of standing up for what is right and has worked for conservative values with the Jack Kemp Foundation, pro-life crusader Chris Smith, and President George W. Bush. George Phillips will be a needed voice in Congress and we support him enthusiastically,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. “I’m proud to call George a friend and I urge all conservatives to vote for him in the Republican primary on June 28th.”

Tenney herself has sought to court the conservative vote in the primary, touting her record in the Assembly as a conservative member of the GOP conference in the chamber.

Hanna, who retires this year rather than seek a third term, is considered one of the more liberal to moderate members of the House GOP conference.

NY-22: Babinec Releases First TV Ad

Businessman Martin Babinec, who has launched an independent bid for the 22nd congressional district, released his first TV ad of the campaign on Thursday, with a 30-second commercial highlighting his biography.

“Krista and I are both from upstate New York, we love it here and wanted to raise our three children here,” Babinec said. “But what we accomplished in Silicon Valley – we could have never accomplished here, I’m running for Congress to change that.”

The ad called “Humble Beginnings” will begin airing this evening on network and cable TV.

Babinec is running for the central New York congressional district being vacated by Republican Rep. Richard Hanna.

NY-22: Babinec Wants 28 Pages Of 9/11 Report Declassified

Congressional candidate Martin Babinec on Monday joined the push to release 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report, which are speculated to provide detail on the involvement of foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia in the attacks.

“I believe in the American people and know that they can handle the truth of whatever is in the 28 page report,” said Babinec, a businessman who is running on the Independence Party line in the 22nd congressional district.

The 28 pages of the government commission’s report remain classified, but lawmakers from both parties in recent months have been pushing for their release.

The documents are believed to show the level of support the Saudi government’s role in the attacks and the government’s relationship with the hijackers. Concerns have been raised, however, that the release of the confidential portion of the report could hurt the U.S. government’s relationship with Saudia Arabia, a key ally in the Arab world.

“Whether it’s grappling with both the old and emerging threats of terror or realigning our economy to face the challenges of the 21st century we need to have an honest and frank conversation with the American people,” Babinec said.

Congressional Fundraising Roundup

With New York’s presidential primary behind us, we’re now looking forward to this year’s Congressional primary in June.

We’re watching eight different races from Long Island to the Finger Lakes that are either competitive this year or have been in past election cycles.

The most recent fundraising deadline was at the end of March, and filings started trickling in late last week. We have compiled the latest numbers so you don’t have to, including how much each candidate has raised overall this election cycle and how much they raised in the first quarter of this year. We have also included how much cash each candidate has on hand as of the latest filing.

Candidates are listed below in order from most-money-raised to least. Remember to click the ‘Read More’ button for the full list.

You can find more on each of these races in our Race for Congress section.

3rd Congressional District

Steve Stern (D)
Total Raised: $500,633
Total Raised First Quarter: $500,633
Cash on Hand: $444,530

Tom Suozzi (D)
Total Raised: $451,306
Total Raised First Quarter: $451,306
Cash on Hand: $374,345

Anna Kaplan (D)
Total Raised: $445,160
Total Raised First Quarter:  $445,160
Cash on Hand: $344,659

Jack Martins (R)
Total Raised: $283,598
Total Raised First Quarter: $283,598
Cash on Hand: $242,223

Jon Kaiman (D)
Total Raised: $242,379
Total Raised First Quarter: $242,379
Cash on Hand: $189,305

Philip Pidot (R)
Total Raised: $106,796
Total Raised First Quarter: $106,796
Cash on Hand: $83,696

Chad Lupinacci (R)
Total Raised: $27,720
Total Raised First Quarter: $27,720
Cash on Hand: $25,262

Jonathan Clarke (D), Dan Serota (R), and Robert Trotta (R) have not submitted a filing for the first quarter.

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