NY-24: Balter Endorsed BY PCCC

Democratic congressional candidate Dana Balter on Wednesday was endorsed by the national Progressive Change Campaign Committee in her second bid for the Syracuse area’s 24th congressional district.

“Dana Balter is fighting for a fair shot at success for everyone — that means Medicare for All; an economy that works for working families; and a political system free from the influence of big money. We are proud to endorse Dana in her race to defeat the incumbent who is a rubber stamp for Trump. As a member of Congress, Dana will be a strong voice for the working people of New York and across the country,” said Stephanie Taylor, PCCC co-founder.

Balter is mounting another bid for the seat held by Republican Rep. John Katko.

The PCCC focuses on issues like an expansion of Social Security and college debt as well as Medicare for All.

“Central and western New York deserve a representative who fights for the everyday wokring families instead of big money interests,” Balter said. “That means living wages, affordable healthcare, and getting big money out of politics.”

She was previously backed by EMILY’s List and Democracy for America.

NY-24: Misso Says He Won’t Take Money From Fossil Fuel Companies

From the Morning Memo:

Democratic congressional candidate Roger Misso announced Thursday he would not take donations from fossil fuel companies in his bid for the 24th congressional district in central New York.

Misso has also pledged to reject support from corporate political action committees and lobbyists.

“We are proud to be the first completely grassroots campaign in NY-24. Central New Yorkers deserve a member of Congress who will lead by example,” Misso said. “By rejecting money from corporate PACs, lobbyists, and the fossil fuel industry, we are fighting to end the corrupting influence of money in politics.”

Rejecting donations from monied interests has gain steam within the Democratic Party and with candidates, especially in the presidential nominating contest where candidates have vowed to reject aid from super PACs.

Misso and 2018 candidate Dana Balter are both competing for the nomination next year to unseat Republican Rep. John Katko.

NY-24: Katko Holds Lead Over Balter In Spectrum News/Siena College Poll

Republican Rep. John Katko holds a 15-percentage point lead over his Democratic challenger Dana Balter in central New York’s 24th congressional district, according to an exclusive Spectrum News/Siena College poll released on Monday.

The poll found Katko leading Balter 54 percent to 39 percent among likely voters, while 11 percent did not have an opinion.

Katko is seeking a third term in what has been a hotly contested battleground race for a Syracuse-area district that has changed hands between the two parties virtually every election cycle for the last decade.

Katko remains popular in the district: He has a 53 percent favorability rating, with 49 percent of independent voters giving him a favorable rating as well. He’s underwater, however, in the city of Syracuse, where half of voters hold an unfavorable view of him. He remains popular in the rest of Onondaga County as well as the counties of Wayne, Cayuga and Oswego with a majority of the voters.

Balter, meanwhile, holds a 36 percent favorable rating, with 45 percent of voters not knowing enough about her to form an opinion. Balter won a June primary against the preferred candidate of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Juanita Perez Williams. Balter remains popular with 58 percent of Democrats, but 43 percent of independent voters have opinion of her.

Voters in the district are also split when it comes to which party should control the House of Representatives as well as their views on President Donald Trump.

Forty-five percent of voters want Democrats to gain control of the House, with 47 percent backing continued Republican control. Fifty-percent of independent voters want to see Democrats gain control.

Similarly, 45 percent of voters approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while 49 percent do not. He’s unpopular with independent votes, with 58 percent holding a negative view of the job he’s doing as president.

The poll of 513 likely voters was conducted from Aug. 20 to Aug. 23. It has a margin of error of 4.7 percentage points.

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NY-24: Katko’s First Ad Focuses On Bipartisanship

The first TV ad released by Republican Rep. John Katko’s congressional campaign on Thursday focuses on his work with Democrats in Washington.

“What keeps me in this fight, despite all of the partisan bickering out there, is that I have a love for Central New York that is deep in my heart,” Katko says in the ad. “I’m proud that I’m continually named one of the most bipartisan and independent members in all of Congress. That’s how I get things done – by working across the aisle. I’m doing it because I am making a difference.”

Taking the angle of bipartisanship in Congress is not wholly surprising given the 24th congressional district in central New York has long been considered a swing seat for either party, with the district reliably changing hands every few election cycles.

In the ad, Katko also cites his work as a prosecutor.

The 30-second spot will air on broadcast and cable TV.

Katko was first elected in 2014 and survived a re-election bid in 2016 for a second term. He’s facing Democratic candidate Dana Balter this November.

Katko Declines AG Run

Republican Rep. John Katko will run for re-election and not state attorney general, his office said on Monday in a statement.

The Daily News reported this morning Katko, a moderate central New York Republican in a swing district, had been named as a possible opponent to Democratic incumbent Eric Schneiderman.

“Given his background as a federal prosecutor and record in Congress, Rep. Katko has been approached,” said spokeswoman Erin O’Connor. “He is honored to be considered but is focused on representing Central New York in Congress and will seek reelection in NY24 in 2018.”

Katko was first elected to the battleground House seat in 2014, which had reliably changed hands between the two parties for several election cycles. However, Katko, a former federal prosecutor, was able to win what has been an elusive second term for the district last year.

Katko Casts ‘No’ Vote On Obamacare Repeal

As expected, Republican Rep. John Katko voted against a repeal of the Affordable Care Act over the lack of a replacement for the measure.

In a statement, Katko said he remains opposed to keeping Obamacare as it is and wants it “either be radically restructured or replaced.”

But without a replacement measure ready to supplant the ACA as it is, Katko could not back the repeal measure this week.

I completely agree with President-elect Trump that repeal and replacement should occur at the same time,” Katko said. “This is a view that is shared by a clear majority of Americans. I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to come up with a clear, viable, and effective replacement plan. When that happens, hopefully in the coming weeks, I will happily join my party in repealing Obamacare.”

Katko won a second term in November to the 24th congressional district in central New York, one of the top-tier battleground House seats in New York. Katko is the first lawmaker to win a second term in the district since it was altered in the 2012 round of re-apportionment.

The NY-24 Did Not Swing This Year

The 24th congressional district in central New York has been considered the swingy-est of New York’s battleground House races and with good reason: Every two years since 2008, the sitting incumbent has been turned out of office.

Not so this time.

Rep. John Katko, a Republican first elected in 2014 unseating Democrat Dan Maffei, cruised to re-election over Democrat Colleen Deacon.

The result wasn’t wholly surprising, given Katko’s 23-percentage point lead in a Time Warner Cable News/Siena poll.

But Republicans, and Katko, didn’t take the seat for granted given the popularity of President Obama and the likelihood Republican Donald Trump would not win the district.

Democrats sought to link Katko to Trump throughout the campaign, even as the incumbent lawmaker refused to endorse the nominee and declined to say who he voted for at the top of the ballot.

After winning last night, Katko summed up his win this way: “You can be your own person, you can be an independent and you can make things work.”

NY-24: In Debate, Katko Pledges To Be A Check On White House

Republican Rep. John Katko hasn’t said who he’ll be voting for, but his ballot won’t be one cast for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Instead, the first-term lawmaker who is running for re-election in the 24th congressional district in central New York pledged to be a check on the next administration, regardless of who wins.

“One of two deeply flawed candidates are going to be the president-elect,” Katko said at the end of a Time Warner Cable News debate with Democrat Colleen Deacon on Tuesday.

“The question I have for you is who do you think is going to have a more independent ability to stand up to whomever is in the White House? Who do you think is going to act in a more bipartisan manner in Congress?”

Katko’s comment in his closing statement amounted to a similar strategy Republicans at the national level have discussed as the Trump campaign has faltered since Labor Day amid concerns that will impact competitive down-ballot races.

In the nearby 22nd congressional district, the National Republican Congressional Committee has already aired an ad in which candidate Claudia Tenney is presented as a counterbalance to Clinton in the White House.

For Katko’s part, he insisted in the debate he is yet to make up his mind as to who he will vote for in the presidential campaign, suggesting he may write someone’s name in.

Watch the full debate between Katko and Deacon here.

TWC News/Siena NY-24 Poll: Katko Widens Lead Over Deacon

Republican incumbent Rep. John Katko has broadened an already commanding lead in the NY-24 race, according to an exclusive Time Warner Cable/Siena College poll released this evening.

With three weeks to go before the election, Katko, a freshman Republican, is polling 23 points ahead of his Democratic challenger, former aide to U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Colleen Deacon, in the Central New York district. A previous TWC News/Siena poll on the race in early October found Katko ahead by 19 points, leading Deacon 53-34.

Neither congressional candidate received particularly strong favorability ratings in the poll. When asked about Katko, 52 percent said they had a favorable opinion of the congressman.

Only 31 percent of voters have a favorable opinion Deacon. Nearly a third of the people polled said they didn’t know or didn’t have an opinion on Deacon, despite the significant number of TV ads – both positive and negative – that have been running in the district.

The NY-24 race is among a handful of the most competitive House contests in the country. The poll is good news for Katko, whom national Republicans have spent heavily to support in hopes of keeping his seat in GOP hands, since the district has flipped back and forth between the two major parties several times in recent years.

While the district appears to be leaning Republican in the congressional election, Democrats actually hold the advantage there in the presidential contest. If the election were held today, 44 percent of voters said they would vote for Hillary Clinton on the Democratic line, while 34 percent said they’d vote for Donald Trump.

That trend holds true in the U.S. Senate race, too. Incumbent Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer is polling 47 points ahead of his Republican challenger Wendy Long in the district.

Deacon and her Democratic allies have been trying hard to tie Katko to Trump. The congressman recently said the GOP nominee should “think seriously” about dropping out of the race following the revelation of his comments about sexually assaulting women in the now infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape.

Katko also said he had decided that he could not vote for Trump under any circumstances, saying he’ll either write in a candidate on the presidential ballot line on Nov. 8 or vote for a to-be-determined third-party candidate.

The Republicans, meanwhile, have sought to portray Deacon as inexperienced and too closely tied to her fellow Democrats to be an independent representative for the closely divided district.

On October 18-19, pollsters asked 673 likely voters their preferences in this race. The poll has a margin of error of +/-4.1 percent.

Check out the entire poll here: 24th-congressional-district-poll

NY-24: Katko Given Nod By Log Cabin Republicans

Republican Rep. John Katko is among the seven GOP lawmakers endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans in a Friday announcement.

“These endorsed candidates have been steadfast allies of LGBT freedom in the House of Representatives,” Log Cabin Republicans President Gregory Angelo said in a statement.

“All of these common-sense conservatives have not only spoken out in support of equality, but also cast votes in this 114th Congress that confirm their commitment to the cause. LCR PAC salutes these GOP leaders, and pledges to back up our words with actions that show our commitment to them.”

Katko, running for a second term in central New York’s 24th congressional district, faces Democrat Coleen Deacon in next month’s general election.

This is the second time Katko has been endorsed by the LGBT group.

“I’m honored to have once again earned the support of the Log Cabin Republicans,” Katko said. “I’ve long supported the fiscally conservative and inclusive policies that they champion. I will continue to work as Central New York’s Representative in Congress towards our mutual goals of growing our economy, reducing taxes and spending, and pursuing policies that respect individual liberties.”