2010 Gov Race

Green Party Secures Ballot Status

With almost 90 percent reporting the Green Party candidate, Howie Hawkins, is the only one with more than 50,000 votes, which means the party can claim official ballot status.

Liz B points out to me that they’ve actually had the status before when they ran “grandpa” Al Munster (no joke) in 1998 and got more than 52,000 votes. However they lost it in 2002 when they ran CUNY professor and labor advocate Stanley Aronowitz, campaign finished in 5th place, receiving 41,797 votes

Other third-party candidates fared well, but it doesn’t look likely the Anti-prohibition Party or the Rent is 2 Damn High Party will secure ballot status this year. Next time, Jimmy!

Here are the results with 88.29 percent of the precincts reporting:

Howie Hawkins: 52,370

Warren Redlich (Libertarian) 40,671

Jimmy McMillan (Rent is 2 Damn High) 36,064

Kristen Davis (Anti-prohibition) 21,092

Charles Barron (Freedom) 19,217

Cuomo: Mandate Tonight Is To Clean Up Albany (UPDATED)

Andrew Cuomo took the stage around 11 p.m. promising to clean up Albany, saying the people of New York want the government changed in Albany.

“That’s what they’re going to get. The mandate tonight is to clean up Albany and to have elected officials who represent the people of this state and not the special interests and not the lobbyists,” said Cuomo. “The people want a government of competence and performance and integrity and can balance a budget just the way that they balance their budget at home.”

Cuomo had a lot of people to thank, including campaign staffers, volunteers, and the labor movement. However, he didn’t have much to say about his opponent, Carl Paladino.


From NYPIRG’s Blair Horner

While many precincts have yet to report numbers, the results currently available have Cuomo on pace to finish this election with the 4th largest margin of victory in a NYS gubernatorial race since 1800. He will almost certainly finish in the top ten.

The other nine candidates on this list all won in years in which their parties had significant national gains – Cuomo will thus be the only gubernatorial candidate to finish in the top ten and defy national trends.

Sampson Lends His Support To Cuomo

Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson released a statement a short time ago congratulating Andrew Cuomo on his projected win in the race for governor.

“New York needs strong leaders in hard times to make the tough decisions. Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo and Lieutenant Governor-elect Robert Duffy have the independence to do what is right and the experience to get it done.

“If 2008 was about the changing of the guard, then 2010 was about the guarding of the change. Working with Governor-elect Cuomo, Lieutenant Governor-elect Duffy we stand ready to continue what we started and build the New York we can be, should be, and will be.

“Throughout his career, he has tackled big problems and always put the people of New York first. From job creation, to property tax relief, to reducing the cost of government, I look forward to working side-by-side with Andrew Cuomo and Robert Duffy to deliver the change New York needs and the government our state deserves.”

Cox Now Banking On Down-Ballot Races

A few minutes after YNN projected Democrats to retain the office of governor and New York’s two US Senate seats, New York GOP Chair Ed Cox turned the focus to the state Senate, which he believes his party will win by the end of the evening.

“The other races are going to be very good races for us,” Cox told YNN’s Steve Ference.

“The state senate, I think we win that. We kept adding more seats. Six months ago we thought we could win two…now we think we’re competitive in eight or nine seats. The assembly is very interesting that has been a sleeper I think we’re going to win enough seats there, maybe 10 or more that would give us more than 50 seats and the ability to uphold the governor’s veto, and be a player in the selection of the next speaker of the assembly.

YNN: Cuomo, Gillibrand, Schumer Projected To Win (UPDATED)

Based on our exit polling YNN/NY1 has called the projected winners in the gubernatorial, and US Senate races:

Andrew Cuomo (D)
Kirsten Gillibrand (D)
Charles Schumer (D)


Just after 9 p.m., NY1’s Josh Robin was joined by New York State Democratic Party Chair Jay Jacobs to get his reaction to the projected winners.

“It’s so good to have somebody with his integrity his ethical standards as our leader in this state we’re all very excited about it,” said Jacobs.

“He’s earned it. He deserves it and we’re all very very excited about it. New york is desperate for a governor that will come in and take charge of what has to be done and solve our problems he’s going to have to make tough decisions, he’s going to…he hasn’t shied away from it. So we’re ready for it. That’s why they elected him, that’s the mandate they’ve given him.”

Caputo: Carl Wasn’t Polished, But He Told The Truth

Paladino campaign manager Michael Caputo remains confident in his candidate’s chances tonight. Less than an hour before polls close in New York, Caputo pointed out to NY1’s Michael Scotto that polls showed Paladino trailing Rick Lazio in the GOP primary two months ago, then cruised to a sizable victory.

Scotto asked Caputo if Paladino’s “mad-as-hell” style hindered him from connecting with the general election audience.

“Mike, you got to get out of New York City more often,” said Caputo.

“People talk like that outside of New York City. People use kitchen-table language and when Carl Paladino spoke, everybody knew one thing: That he was telling the truth. He wasn’t polished about it, he wasn’t glib, he wasn’t in some cases even good at campaigning, but he listened to them because he brought a message of hope.”

An Angry Man And His Bats

Here’s Carl Paladino’s Election Night press pass. It’s a collector’s item! Someone save me one!


Paladino: Campaigning Is ‘Treacherous’

After casting his ballot in Buffalo today (presumably for himself and his running mate, Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards), gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino said he found his first political campaign “treacherous, very confusing in many respects,” but insisted he had no regrets.

“I don’t think I’m going to miss it,” Paladino said. “…I’m not a great campaigner. I’m just me. I’m just human. I’m just a builder from Buffalo.”

Paladino continued to insist the polls are wrong and he will surprise everyone by defeating Democratic frontrunner Andrew Cuomo when the polls close tonight. Asked what he planned to do today, he said: “Take a nap.”

Cuomo Votes (With Sandra Lee In Tow)

Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Andrew Cuomo voted without incident on the new electronic voting machines in Mount Kisco earlier today. He was accompanied by the youngest of his three daughters and his companion, Food Network star Sandra Lee.

Lee hasn’t made many appearances on the campaign trail, although she was present when Cuomo formally announced his candidacy in the shadow of the Tweed Courthouse and also on stage at the Democratic convention in Rye where he was unanimously voted to be the party’s nominee.

Cuomo was a little subdued, but he seemed to be in a good mood. Asked who he had voted for, he joked: “You’ll have to guess; I followed my daughter’s recommendation.”

Mrs. Duffy Speaks

The local Rochester station, 13 WHAM, sat down for an extended interview with Second Lady-in-waiting, Barb Duffy, wife of Andrew Cuomo’s LG running mate, Bob Buffy.

Sadly, the video isn’t embeddable, but the interview reveals Barb Duffy to be a supportive yet somewhat reluctant political wife. She also says she and her husband will not likely be relocating to Albany if and when he is elected to be Cuomo’s second-in-command.

“If Bob was chosen for upstate – this is more upstate than Albany is,” she said. “What we’d try to do is go back and forth and see how that worked.”

Gov. David Paterson kept his primary residence in Harlem when he was elected LG in 2006, but he also had a home in Guilderland that he had purchased during his state Senate days. When he ascended to his current post in the wake of Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s March 2008 prostitution scandal, Paterson and his family started using the executive mansion part-time.

Cuomo, who lives in Westchester with his girlfriend, Food Network star Sandra Lee, has joint custody of the three daughters with his ex-wife, Kerry Kennedy. Unlike his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, he’s not expected to live full-time in the executive mansion on Eagle Street.