2010 Gov Race

Mrs. Redlich Attacks Roger Stone (Updated)

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich said (through his campaign) that he didn’t want to discuss the nasty anonymous flyer sent to Capital Region residents last week that branded him a sexual predator, saying he didn’t want to reward “criminals for their criminal conduct.”

His wife, Heather, has no such reservations.

In an open letter to GOP consultant Roger Stone, who admitted being in touch with the committee that took credit for the flyer, Heather Redlich accused the self-professed dirty trickster of telling “terrible lies” about her husband.

“You have hurt me and my family,” she continued. “I have suffered anxiety and heartache. You have made me fear for the safety of my children in our own home.”

“I am the type of person that avoids the limelight. I don’t like when people talk about me but I feel I can be silent no more. So, I will dry my tears and write my own message to New Yorkers:”

“I have known Warren Redlich for 19 years and have been married to him for 15 years. We have two school-age children. We met in law school, got married shortly after graduation and built a home together. Warren supported me when I decided to pursue a career as a librarian. When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer during my first pregnancy, he took care of me and our newborn child.”

(The letter is rather long, and so it continues after the jump. I exchanged e-mails with Stone yesterday and he was unrepentant about encouraging “People for a Safer New York,” which sent out the flyer, even though he has been widely criticized for doing so).

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Last Siena Statewide Survey: AG And Comptroller Tied, Cuomo Up 25

If Siena’s final pre-general election poll is on the money, it could be a very long and tense election night.

The survey continues to show Democratic frontrunner Andrew Cuomo with a comfortable double-digit lead over his GOP challenger, Carl Paladino, (58-33). Paladino now leads the AG among Republicans, 62-27, and made inroads with independents, too, although Cuomo is still ahead there, 48-40.

Ditto for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in her race against former GOP Rep. Joe DioGuardi (57-37) and extra ditto for Sen. Chuck Schumer vs. Republican Jay Townsend (64-32).

But the other two statewide races are deadlocked.

The real surprise is the state comptroller’s race, in which Republican Harry Wilson has closed a 17-point gap between himself and Democratic incumbent Tom DiNapoli. The two candidates are tied at 44 percent with 12 percent still undecided and only two days (counting this one) remaining in the campaign.

Wilson is now ahead in both the suburbs (nine points) and upstate (16 points) – both areas where DiNapoli previously had a slim lead.

The first time candidate and former hedge fund manager also managed to, as Siena spokesman Steve Greenberg put it, “bring home” Republicans, and is now leading among his fellow GOPs by 62 points, up from 36.

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Paladino Camp Uses Dem Words Against Cuomo

A Carl Paladino supporter posted this video that accuses Andrew Cuomo of being untrustworthy on Facebook.

It features footage from the 2006 AG debate during which the Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner was asked if he harbored aspirations to be governor and flatly responded: “No.” That prompted his rival, one-time running mate and on-again-off-again-ally Charlie King to jokingly ask: “Is there a lie detector test around here?”

There’s also quotes from Amsterdam News publisher/editor-in-chief Elinor Tatum’s editorial calling Cuomo out for failing to pay sufficient attention to the African American community and a clip of former Gov. Eliot Spitzer saying on CNN that Cuomo is the “dirtiest, nastiest political player out there.”

Cuomo On Campaign, AEG, And Hevesi

Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t say if former Comptroller Alan Hevesi should go to jail during a brief gaggle with reporters in Saratoga County today. The Democratic Gubernatorial candidate was asked about a wide range of topics from the negative tone of the campaign, to AEG, and his investigation into the pay-to-play scandal involving Alan Hevesi.

“He [Hevesi] is cooperating with an ongoing investigation. And we will let that investigation proceed and then see where we are,” is all Cuomo would say on the matter.

On the investigation into AEG, Cuomo said the federal government launched their probe into Aqueduct before he was aware of any wrongdoing, so he felt it was best to let them finish their investigation before getting the Attorney General’s office involved.

Cuomo also weighed in on the negative tone on the campaign, saying “politics isn’t for the faint of heart,” and rejected the suggestion that labor unions are discouraged from turning out on election day.

Duffy Attacks Paladino Over Haggarty

Andrew Cuomo’s running mate has once again assumed the role of attack dog. In a statement, Lt. Governor Candidate Bob Duffy slams Paladino for hiring John Haggarty as his senior advisor, in light of yesterday’s reports that Haggarty admitted to lying and misleading Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign.

Haggarty was indicted earlier this year and charged with stealing nearly a million dollars from Bloomberg’s campaign.

“Carl Paladino has been asleep at the switch and ignored these serious allegations against one of his top aides yet he continues to rail against the system and make spurious allegations saying others are soft on crime,” Duffy said. “Mr. Paladino, if you can’t come clean with the people on this how can you clean up government?”

Duffy’s full statement is after the jump.
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Paging Mr. Paladino

The Cuomo campaign is gleefully forwarding around this clip from a Vermont station TV of Carl Paladino getting huffy during a live interview and walking off, leaving a female reporter high and dry.

The moment occurred when WCAX TV 3 ‘s (aptly named, in this case) Kristin Carlson, the station’s senior political reporter, was pressing Paladino on whether he believed his comment about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand being Sen. Chuck Schumer’s “little girl” was sexist and if he worried it would hurt him with women voters – a key segment of the voting public.

The interview didn’t start well, as the station was experiencing some technical difficulties while trying to conduct what we in the bizz call a “talk-back” with Paladino, who was campaigning in Plattsburgh).

Carlson also didn’t beat around the bush, asking the candidate why he was bothering to stump in an area already considering GOP territory, adding: “Is this a sign of a campaign in trouble?”

The Gillibrand question was Carlson’s second. Paladino first said he didn’t want to talk about NY’s junior senator. But then responded that he didn’t regret his comment and didn’t believe it was anti-woman, saying:

“I was referring to the fact that Miss. Gillibrand seems to vote exactly as Mr. Schumer directs her to. She doesn’t show any mind of her own in voting, and that’s why I referred to her that way.”

When Carlson presisted on the subject of sexism and Republican concern about his comments, Paladino lost patience, saying “absolutely not” and asking to discuss “issues.” He then added: “Are we going to talk issues, or am I leaving you right now?”

Carlson insisted “Well, I think this is about issues, sir.” Paladino apparently disagreed, because he took out his earpiece, saying “you have a nice day, Kristin, OK?” As he walked away he muttered: “I think we’re done talking to this lady.”

(WCAX is a CBS affiliate based in Burlington, but it also airs in the New York North Country).

Paladino’s Last-Minute Cash Infusion

Carl Paladino invested another $500,000 in his campaign yesterday to fund his final push to Election Day.

The Buffalo businessman wrote two $250,000 checks to his committee, Paladino for the People, according to the 24-notice list on the state Board of Elections Website.

I asked Paladino during a CapTon interview last week whether he would indeed end up spending all the $10 million of his own money he said at the outset of this campaign that he would be willing to invest in his first – and he insists only – statewide run. He wouldn’t go into specifics.

In the 11-day pre-general filing, Paladino reported owing himself about $1.2 million. He had spent just over $3 million by the Sept. 14 primary, but we won’t know until the last post-election filing what the final number is.

Happy Paladino Halloween

Carl Paladino’s campaign manager Michael Caputo sent a photo of the trick-or-treat bags being distributed by the Buffal businessman along with the message: “Just in time for Election Day! Err… Halloween.”

Paladino TorT bags

When your campaign colors are black and orange, what choice do you have but to embrace the holiday?

Caputo told Newsday that the candidate will be following a family tradition this weekend which requires him to don a surprise costume selected by his daughter, “no questions asked.”

No word on what Duke’s costume will be. Something tells me whatever it is won’t be nearly as elaborate as this.

Gothamist had some fun not long ago advising readers how to dress up like Paladino, an ensemble that “can easily become an Emperor Palpatine costume if you find yourself in possession of a cape instead of a suit.”

Redlich Falsely Accused In Sex Offender Mailer (Updated)

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich is the target of one of the most extreme smear campaigns I’ve seen in 15 years of political reporting via a mailer that falsely labels him a “sexual predator.”


A number of readers have forwarded the mailer, which not only includes a large headshot of the Republican Guilderland Town Board member and reveals Redlich’s home address, but also urges recipients to “call the police” if they see him near a “public school,” “in your neighborhood” or “near your family.”

Apparently, that claim all grew out of a blog post Redlich wrote about Miley Cyrus and her risque photo spread, in which he said:

“Another take is the notion that men who find teenage girls attractive are perverts. If you look at literature like Shakespeare, and at some historical figures like Sir William Johnson (a prominent pre-revolutionary leader in New York), you get the impression that it used to be normal for men, even much older men, to be interested in teenage girls.”

A YNN employee received the mailer and was outraged by it, saying she believed it was a real sex offender alert and had been initially concerned about her kids.

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Mermel Urges Republicans To ‘Stand Up Red’

Former LG/gubernatorial hopeful M. Myers Mermel has launched a new 527 that aims to raise money for Republican candidates and has already netted more than $46,000 through a new Website, StandUpRed.com.

The site, which also includes a blog (basically an aggregator of pro-GOP news stories) and profiles of Republican candidates, is intended to be an alternative to the Democratic fundraising site ActBlue.com, Mermel said in a press release this morning.

“StandUpRed’s mission is to create opportunities for individuals to quickly identify New York State Republican candidates they wish to support and provide these donors with fundraising technology which is easy and efficient and allows them to recruit others with similar interests,” the release states.

“StandUpRed assists candidates by providing online fundraising technologies to the Republican candidates on the site, without any cost to them for the site development, maintenance, or donations. Also, the Website will not charge candidates for detailed listings of the candidates including biography, link to the candidate’s website, and contribution and fundraising portholes.”

Mermel raised eyebrows when he abruptly dropped his LG bid to join the gubernatorial fray shortly before the GOP convention. He failed to get onto the ballot, and threw his support behind former GOP nominee Rick Lazio, despite the fact that he had voted in favor of a primary between the ex-congressman and Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

Since then, Mermel has tried to help the party’s standard-bearer, Carl Paladino, organizing the Buffalo businessman’s first Manhattan fundraiser and contributing $21,000 to his campaign.