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Advocates: Min Wage Hike Good But Not Good Enough

Governor Cuomo Sunday unveiled a two-tiered minimum wage proposal. New York City’s minimum wage would increase to $11.50 by 2016, while the rest of the state would see an increase to $10.50. This is some good news for advocates such as Mark Dunlea, who in the past 29 years with the Hunger Action Network has pushed for higher wages. But advocates say it’s still not high enough. Dunlea joined us to discuss and talk about his new career plans.

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Addressing Funding Inequality In Rural Schools

Education reform is expected to be a major point in Governor Cuomo’s State of the State and budget address. Teachers have been experiencing issues statewide. But there is also a separate set of problems educators in smaller, rural schools deal with. David Little from the Rural Schools Association joined us to explain.

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NYAGV Appoints Upstate Coordinator

The gun control law known as the SAFE Act passed the legislature just over two years ago, but the fight over it has not stopped, with opponents hosting several big protests calling for repeal. But there are also supports of the SAFE Act and other gun control measures. The group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence has also organized rallies at the capitol. And it recently appointed a new first upstate coordinator. Paul McQuillen joined us to explain what he’ll be working on.

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‘State Of The Classroom’ Report

Ahead of the Governor’s address Wednesday, Educators 4 Excellence, a teacher advocacy group, has released their “State of the Classroom” report. It includes several suggestions on education policy like changes to the teacher evaluation and tenure systems. Executive DirectorJonathan Schleifer joined us to discuss.

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Full Show – 1.16.15

Reports on what Governor Cuomo has unveiled ahead of his State of the State/budget address. Plus interviews with Empire Center’s EJ McMahon and Ron Deutsch of the Fiscal Policy Institute, Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell, a panel on voting accessibility and our Reporter Roundtable.

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Exclusive: Dean Skelos Previews 2015 Session

Nick Reisman and NY1’s Zack Fink had the chance to sit down one-on-one with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos. They discussed everything from criminal justice reform to changes in the state’s education system.

Debate Over Property Tax Credit

Cuomo’s proposed property tax relief plan – or circuit breaker – is, as expected, drawing praise from some and criticism from others. Those in favor of the governor’s plan say it’s a step in the right direction that will help working and middle class New Yorkers. But opponents say the plan produces the illusion of cost control without actually reducing costs. Plus, there’s the question of how we will pay for this. Ron Deutsch of the Fiscal Policy Institute and EJ McMahon of the Empire Center for Public Policy sat down to debate.

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New Prison Reform Bills

Two prison reform bills were introduced in the State Assembly earlier this week. A bill sponsored by Queens Assemblywoman Nily Rozic would ban solitary confinement for pregnant women and nursing mothers in prison. Another bill would set age and time restrictions on solitary confinement. That one is from Manhattan Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell who joined us from New York City to talk more about this legislation.

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Advocates: Lever Voting Machines Must Be Phased Out

While most of us may not think twice when using lever-voting machines on election day, for some this can provide a significant challenge. The Board of Elections is actually supposed to submit recommendations to lawmakers this month on how to transition local election systems to electronic voting statewide. As part of that report, advocates hope to see a transparent process and a speedy end to lever-voting in New York. Aimee Allaud – an Election Specialist with the New York State League of Women Voters, Brad Williams – the Executive Director of the New York State Independent Living Council, and Meghan Schoeffling – a Policy Analyst for the New York Association on Independent Living, joined us to explain.

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Reporter Roundtable

Governor Cuomo is slowly unveiling parts of his 2015 State of Opportunity Agenda as we draw closer to the State of the State/Budget Address. From the property tax circuit breaker to the hunger games-eqsue upstate revitalization competition and the latest announcement on broadband, the governor is clearly thinking big this session. Meanwhile, state lawmakers have been battling it out over women’s issues and education reform.The members of our Reporter Roundtable joined us to discuss all of this.

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