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William Kennedy Remembers Mario

It was Mario Cuomo’s second week in office when he sent a handwritten letter to an English professor at the University at Albany. That letter kicked off what would become a life-long friendship between William Kennedy and the former governor. So, when Kennedy pitched his idea for the New York State Writer’s Institite a year later, Mario Cuomo pushed the idea into state law. We talked to Kennedy at the University at Albany about the former governor.

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Figuring Out France

Earlier this week, a group of gunmen opened fire at the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly satirical newspaper. After killing twelve people, the gunmen fled the scene. The suspects have since been killed by french authorities during a stand-off earlier today. The initial attack was reportedly a reaction from satirical cartoons the paper published about Islam. Sage Colleges Professor Steven Leibo joined us to talk more about the situation in France.

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Reporter Roundtable

The first full week of the New Year proved to be a busy one in state politics. From the funeral for former Governor Mario Cuomo – in which his son Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a stirring, personal speech – to the start of the 2015 state legislative session, the members of our Reporter Roundtable recapped it all.

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Full Show – 1.8.15

With a new start of session, comes a new slate of rules and issues. We talk to Senator David Valesky about the IDC’s new role in the Senate. Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner also joins us to talk about her first term in state politics. Michael Borges from the NYS Association of School Business Officials explains their aid proposal for the year. We also talk about a potential wage increase for tipped workers. Plus, reports on new challenges for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and a look at issues sure to come up in June.

The IDC’s New Role

The start of a new session also brings with it new rules for the state Senate. For the past few years, the Independent Democratic Conference has held a significant power-sharing relationship with Republicans in the chamber. But with Republicans now taking a true majority, that role is changing. Senator Valeksy joined us to discuss.

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2015 School Aid Proposals

Education in general is expected to be a big topic this session, both in budget season and beyond. Many groups are putting out their aid proposals for the budget, including the State Association of School Business Officials. They’re asking for $2.1 billion above last years budget, plus several hundred million dollars in one-shot expenses. The group’s Executive Director, Michael Borges, joined us to explain.

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Waiting On The Wage Board

State lawmakers are back in session, facing quite the to-do list. One item on the list: the issue of raising the minimum wage. The Wage Board appointed by Governor Cuomo will make the decision on whether to raise the hourly pay for tipped workers. The board held it’s fifth hearing today. Jess Wisneski of Citizen Action of New York, and Mike Kink of Strong Economy for All joined us to discuss.

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Fresh Faces: AM Carrie Woerner

The Assembly started the new session with more than a dozen new members, including several who filled seats that had been vacant for a whole year. That includes Carrie Woerner, who was elected in November to represent the 113th district. Woerner joined us to talk about her priorities for the district.

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Full Show – 1.7.15

Wednesday marked the first official day of the 2015 New York State Legislative Session. We caught up with Senator Tom Libous, Senator Mike Gianaris, Assemblyman Joe Morelle, and Senator John Flanagan.

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New Session, New Rules In Senate

State lawmakers returned to Albany on Wednesday, and housekeeping issues dominated the first day of the 2015 legislative session. In the Senate, lawmakers approved rules changes that altered the coalition government between Republicans and the Independent Democratic Conference. Senator Tom Libous joined us to discuss.

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